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door lock change bay areaBuddy’s locksmith is a locally owned, full-service locksmith company serving Aptos, CA. We offer both emergency locksmith services and auto lockout assistance with outstanding results. We also provide residential and commercial security solutions, including new key cutting, new lock installation, lock change, and lock re-keying services.

Buddy’s locksmith is the best in Santa Cruz County. Our experienced technicians can help you with whatever issue regarding your locks and keys. We offer 24-hour locksmith service, same-day service calls, and emergency lockouts.

Look no further than Buddy’s Locksmith if you are looking for top locksmiths and respective owners who will do a great job.

Residential locksmith services.

residential locksmith san joseBuddy’s locksmith provides residential locksmith services, from lock installation, residential door lock change to lock re-keying services. Whatever your needs may be, we can help you.

We offer a 24/hour emergency lockout service and will always come out to resolve the problem in the shortest time possible. Call Buddy’s Locksmith if you are looking for a licensed technician in Santa Cruz, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Commercial locksmith services.

commercial door locks servicesNeed a commercial locksmith to install new locks or change locks? Whether keyless entry systems for your businesses or high-security locks, our professional locksmiths will get the job done.

We understand the security needs of business premises and commercial properties. Whether you need a panic bar installed, front door locks installed, or need your locks re-keyed, we are the perfect fit for the job.

Emergency locksmith services.

Buddy’s locksmith provides emergency locksmith services throughout the Santa Cruz, CA area. Whether it is new locks installation, car lockout, roadside assistance, commercial emergency situation, residential home lockouts, etc., do not hesitate to contact us.

We are available round-the-clock to offer quality locksmith service.

New key cutting services.

Would you like a new set of keys for your car, home locks, or business? With Buddy’s Locksmith, it is easy and affordable. We offer key cutting services at competitive prices in the Santa Cruz, CA area to suit all needs.

New lock installation.

Buddy’s locksmith offers a variety of new lock installation services. We have the perfect security solution for your needs, from high-security locks and deadbolts to keyless entry systems.

door knubs
Residential locksmith in Aptos, CA

Lock change services.

Do you need to change one or more of your locks? Buddy’s locksmith can help. Our experienced technicians have the expertise to get your locks changed quickly and efficiently.

Lock re-key service.

Re-key is a common practice when changing access to a property.

It’s the process of changing locks so that they can’t be opened with existing keys or if you need to change an individual lock and key pattern and want it to match the other locks in your home.

Getting your locks rekeyed will give new life to your older locks. Buddy’s locksmith is one of the highly recommended locksmiths in greater California.

door lock repair servicesLock repair services.

Buddy’s locksmith provides lock repair services. We can help you with broken locks, door locks that need to be fixed, and many more.

Door hardware installation.

Door hardware includes but is not limited to knob – deadbolt – lever handle combo set (latch) w/ included latches & strike plates on doors up to 16″ thick, etc. Hinge sets allow the replacement of loose hinge pin screws with new fasteners and provide an improved, more secure door jamb to frame connection.


resetting master lock in aptos, ca
Master lock combination in Aptos, CA

What is a hi-security lock?

Hi-security locks are constructed with a cylinder resistant to drilling and picking. These locks have a high-strength steel core with hardened pins that prevent them from being picked or drilled into to open them without having a key.

The process of picking these types of locks is more time-consuming as opposed to traditional pin tumbler technology because they require different tools and skillsets.

It is important for businesses owners looking for solutions to know what type of protection they need before protecting their property. Adding an additional layer such as hi-security locking mechanisms can deter burglars much easier than other locking mechanisms like alarms systems or surveillance cameras.

Do I need to hire a licensed locksmith?

It is imperative to hire a licensed locksmith. Otherwise, you might not be able to get into your home or business in the event that you need help.

A license ensures you deal with someone who has passed an examination and been authorized by their state’s regulating agency as qualified for work within that profession.

Why do I need a locksmith?

lock rekey servicesThere are various reasons to hire a locksmith. It’s important to consider your needs, and the specialist you decide on should have experience in those areas.

A locksmith can replace broken keys, cut new keys, or install a new lock entirely.

They can also install security systems like access control systems and alarms that go off when someone tries breaking into your house.

A lot more reasons exist why people may rely on a locksmith business, but it’s best to know what you are looking for before deciding to hire a locksmith for your business and call them to come to your location to give an estimate for your project.

If you are locked out of your house, have a lost key, or need to rekey the locks in your home, then Buddy’s Locksmith is here to help.

We offer 24-hour auto locksmith service. Whether it is roadside assistance or a lockout, our team will ensure you get back on the road soonest possible.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional locksmith?

Different people have a few questions about why they would need to hire a locksmith. A locksmith is a professional. They have the skill and expertise to get your job done right.

Hiring them also ensures that you are using quality products, which could save you money in the long run or end up costing more than expected if not chosen correctly for your needs.

The benefits of having a lock installed by an expert technician include: – Security can last longer as professionals know how best to install an exterior door handle sets so that it will withstand burglars better than those installed as home DIY projects.

The installation process would take less time, too, because there is less to do.

The benefits of hiring a locksmith for business lock change include: – You don’t have to worry about destroying your doors during the installation process.

Many people hire unscreened locksmiths in emergencies when they find themselves locked out of their car, home, or business.

professional locksmith key cutting serviceHow much does it cost to hire professional locksmiths?

The cost of hiring professional and reliable locksmiths depends on the service. Buddy’s locksmith offers competitive rates for all services, and we offer affordable pricing packages, so you don’t have to pay more later if your needs change or expand.

Is there anything that can be done with old keys once changing the lock?

If you want to change all of your locks for higher-level security protection against break-ins, installing an access control system, in which case installing it manually would require prior expertise in electrical wiring and circuitry, call Buddy’s Locksmith.

Expert locksmiths will take care of everything from lock installation, key cutting to picking new locking mechanisms. Buddy’s locksmith has got you covered. We not only replace locks but also provide services like deadbolt replacement and emergency assistance.


Automotive locksmith in Aptos

When should you call for help from a locksmith?

There are various reasons to hire a locksmith. It’s important to consider your needs, and the specialist you decide on should have experience in offering quality services.

A lot more reasons exist why people may rely on a locksmith service, but it’s best to know what you are looking for before deciding to hire a technician for your house or business.

If you are locked out, have a lost key, or need to rekey the locks in your home or business, then Buddy’s Locksmith is here to help.

How can I prevent being locked out of my car in the future?

The best way to prevent being locked out is by keeping your key and the keys with you at all times.

Having newer models of the vehicle helps as well because they have smart locks that you can turn on and off with a keyfob, which makes it easier for the owner to unlock the vehicle without setting foot inside.

What does it take to become a locksmith?

To become a professional locksmith takes experience, training, knowledge of security issues like fire-rated door hardware and alarm systems, and commitment.

You should also have natural talent when working with mechanical devices, including key cutting equipment such as saws – punches – drills – etc. A customer service skill set includes knowing how to use customer relations while providing excellent customer service effectively.

locksmith services satisfactionWhat are our customers saying about our services?

“Buddy’s Locksmith is awesome. I called them in a panic because my keys had broken and I was stuck inside the house. They arrived within minutes, unlocked my front door, and replaced all the locks for a very reasonable price.” -Paula H., Scotts Valley Resident.

“I’m so glad that Buddy’s Locksmith came to our rescue when we were in an emergency lockout on Thanksgiving! Not only did they come quickly, but he also managed to get us in with his innovative lock-pick tools!” -Michelle S., Santa Cruz CA Resident.

“I would recommend Buddy’s Locksmith to anyone who needs a technician. I had lost my key and was thinking of buying an expensive new one, but Buddy saved the day!” -Buddy F., Santa Cruz, CA Resident.

Why should I hire Buddy’s Locksmith service?

Buddy’s locksmith is one of the top locksmiths in California. Our company provides high-quality customer care with a service guarantee while ensuring you get back on your way as soon as possible. From material costs consultation to a large lock and key project upon your request. Here are some reasons we have positive customer reviews;

  • Licensed locksmiths who are bonded and insured. We have the experience to help you with any locksmith service or project.
  • Friendly customer care representatives who are always happy to answer your questions.
  • Dedicated, experienced technicians available 24-hour for emergency lockout services.
  • Trained professionals in all aspects of residential and commercial locksmith installation, repairs, rekeying & master key system design.

Our locksmiths offer a wide variety of services to suit all needs and budgets. Call us for a free service estimate at your location – home or business. Do not hesitate to connect with our technicians if you want to compare quotes with another locksmith service serving Santa Cruz County, California. Via our business contact page, you’ll get all the answers and opinions about any lock price, repair fees, change locks at your new location, and other marks.

Call Buddy’s Locksmith for quality service.

Do you have an issue with your business lock and keys to be repaired? Want to change the locks to your front door? Perhaps you are in a vehicle lockout? Do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We have the best turn-around wait time. We will be at your location in the shortest time possible.

As one of the best locksmith companies in San Jose, California, our technicians are bonded and insured, so you can trust us to respond quickly to any emergency lockout or lock repair at your site. We have the experience and tools needed to help solve your issue efficiently while offering competitive prices and rates. No locksmith project is too big or small; contact Buddy’s locksmith today – and we hope to get a five-star review from you.

Review from a business owner in San Jose, California

“I called Buddy’s Locksmith was very helpful in changing the locks for my business door near Hermon Rd, San Jose, California. The cost of the project was relatively affordable, and they had a quick turn-around wait time. I would highly recommend them for any lock and key repair project in San Jose and beyond.”


Issy the Locksmith
Issy the Locksmith

Since 2003, Issy is fixing locks & keys. Locksmithing has been his favorite hobby since childhood. Now Issy is one of the best locksmith technicians in the Bay Area.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask Issy via our contact form.

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Aptos is an unincorporated community in Santa Cruz County, California. Aptos has a population of about 30,000 living there, and many residents are part of the larger metropolitan area.

It’s worth mentioning that the racial makeup of residents in this area is 69% White Non-Hispanic with 19% Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity and 11% Asian American.

Part of the reason why Aptos has such diverse ethnicities is that it’s relatively close proximity to Silicon Valley which means high-paying jobs are available for skilled workers who work in various industries like technology or research and development.