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Car lockouts can happen at the worst times, often whenever you need to get somewhere fast. Those times where you deal with auto lockouts aren’t the regular times during your day, but rather the ‘I’m running so late’ type of day.

Thankfully, an auto locksmith in San Jose is efficient and has the fastest response time of all the automotive locksmith services. It’s Buddy’s Locksmith. But what else can our automotive emergency locksmith services help you with? Well, we can do a lot more than help you get your keys out of your car, and the wide range of options makes our company one of the best automotive locksmith companies in San Jose, CA.

Broken Key Extraction

broken key extraction
A broken car door lock repair

One of the most annoying problems you can have is breaking your car key in the lock. Now you have a locked car and no key to open it. However, our auto locksmith specialists can help you with car key cutting and car key duplication. They are certified professionals making a car key copy for your ride and quickly getting you car key replacements.

If you do not have a physical key but still can’t get inside your car, we are also experts at car key programming and getting a new computer chip for your car programmed easily. Not many locksmiths in San Jose can provide the service of deleting old car keys from your system (A great option for stolen car key victims.) with our licensed and trained technicians.

Getting Keys Out Of Your Car

car key replacement
Car key replacements for all Make, Year and Models

The only thing worse than being locked out of your car is having locked your keys in your car. It’s even worse if you locked the keys in the trunk! However, the professional auto locksmiths at Buddy’s Locksmith can save you if you have locked your keys in your car in Mountain View or anywhere we serve. We can help with emergency car door unlocking and help get you a set of replacement car keys, too.

We can even provide you with keyless entry remotes & fobs or a new set of replacement smart key fobs to make sure you don’t get locked out again. Without the keys, you won’t need to worry, as every trained locksmith in Mountain View or the surrounding area can start unlocking your vehicle without causing any damage.

Fixing A Broken Ignition

ignition repair
Ford Ignition Repair and Remote Key Programming

While being locked out of your car is terrible, being unable to start the car is worse. As a reliable locksmith company, we can provide locksmithing services and help with ignition cylinder replacement. We can even get you a set of new ignition keys or a push-to-start key that won’t cause problems. Most of the new keys even have a new trunk opener!

So, if you need an ignition switch repair and replacement or a new ignition key set, an automotive locksmith in Sunnyvale or the surrounding area from our team can get it done for you!

Repairing and Changing Locks

An automotive locksmith like Buddy’s Locksmith can also provide lock installation services or repair locks. These services can include re-keying door locks, unlocking car doors, helping with a door lock change for vehicles, and making your locks change easier. Once the locks are changed, we can also help perfect the locks with re-key services. An automotive locksmith in Milpitas and the surrounding area can also get you a set of replacement keys and even have transponder keys made.

An excellent automotive locksmith can help you whenever you need lockout services, and our team can install new locks on your car in no time. Plus, the new keys that go with them too, all for an affordable price.

A Knowledge Of Different Types Of Keys

flip key programming
Keyless Entry Programming

One of the things that an automotive locksmith brings to the table is an in-depth knowledge of keys and their car key fob. After all, since we need to do so much car key duplication and key extraction, it pays to know all about them.

If you need to, you can ask your automotive locksmith about transponder key programming, the rekey process, how to use your smart key, and even what vat system keys are. They know a lot about car locks and keys, so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask about their knowledge!

Handling A Constantly Changing Business

Cars and car keys are continuing to evolve, and some cars don’t even use keys anymore! One of the coolest things that an automotive locksmith can do for you is to keep on top of all the trends. They know how to handle any car and any situation, and no matter what, they will be able to get you back inside your vehicle.

That’s one of the coolest things about San Jose car locksmiths. No matter why you need to call on them, they will come to your car armed with the knowledge to fix the problem.

Car lockouts can happen at the worst times, often whenever you need to get somewhere fast. Those times where you deal with auto lockouts aren’t the regular times during your day, but rather the ‘I’m running so late’ type of day.

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