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Automotive Locksmith

Car lockouts can happen at the worst times, often whenever you need to get somewhere fast. Those times where you deal with auto lockouts aren’t the regular times during your day, but rather the ‘I’m running so late’ type of day.

Professional licensed California locksmith

broken key extractionCar locks, car remotes, and car ignitions are the most challenging in the locksmithing field. You need professional locksmith technicians that provide high-quality car key programming products. From San Francisco to Gilroy – Buddy’s Locksmith services at your call!

Diagnostic & Key Programming

With Buddy’s automotive locksmith service, you’re covered. Our auto locksmith technicians are well trained with the state of the art key diagnostic & programming tools. Licensed, bonded, and insured.

Automotive Locksmiths Are Available 24/7

We are aware that car locksmith services are essential. That’s why we provide a 24/7 locksmith service for your convenience.

24 Hour Locksmith Services Near Me

car key replacementBuddy’s auto locksmith services are near you. Our mobile locksmith shop services are in the entire bay area and surrounding areas with fast service and affordable prices for all of your locksmith needs.

Duplicating car keys

You can get car key duplication for an affordable price. Duplicate keys are cheaper than creating a new car key. With an easy key copy process, we can duplicate almost any transponder key, Key FOB, or car remote you have.

Car Keys

There are many types of car keys. While old models required only metal blade keys, on side cut or both sides cut. Today, we have smart keys, car chip keys, keyless key systems, push to start, high-security keys, and more.

In the next few years of car locking development, we will see more and more car manufacturers switching the old car keys and locks mechanism into mobile apps. Mark my words.

San Francisco Bay Area

In 2021, Buddy’s Locksmith provided over 581 car key replacement services, master key systems, lock repair, lock installation, and more in San Francisco Bay Area.

Mobile locksmith services

ignition repairBuddy’s mobile locksmith services offer fast response, excellent service, car & home locksmith services all in one simple phone call to Buddy’s Locksmith.

  • Automotive locksmith
  • High-security locks
  • Key extraction service
  • Car key replacement
  • Keys inside your house
  • Re-key car keys
  • New keys made service
  • Break-in repair
  • New Locks installation

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Locksmith Services

Are you looking for amazing service? Our techs do a great job when it comes to solving your issues and providing the best service, 24/7 for all of your locksmith needs.

Our vehicle locksmith services are

Other services are available in the entire bay area and surrounding areas. Unlike other locksmiths, You can always expect fast, professional service with affordable prices when you contact us.


Automotive Locksmith services

Do you own a Land Rover? Range Rover? Mercedes Benz? Well, you probably know that these keys are very expensive at the Dealerships. Get a better price for your car locks, car key duplication, lockout services, and high-security locks with us.

Buddy’s emergency locksmith services for your car include:

Lockout Services

Sometimes all you need is a good auto locksmith near you to lock you out of your car in seconds. Buddy’s roadside assistance service is the fastest automotive locksmith you’ll even know. San Francisco, Bay Area, San Jose – Name your area, and we will be there in a blink.

Free price estimates from local locksmiths

You better trust a local locksmith than a nationwide locksmith franchise. Our teams are spread around the Bay Area service areas. We give free estimates to all of our customers before purchasing a service.

For local roadside assistance service at your location

Are you looking for a roadside locksmith in San Rafael? San Francisco? Bay Area? East Bay? Be sure that our roadside assistance service will get to your location ASAP.

Trust is important, and we take it seriously.

Our car locksmith service is trustable. If you mess up with your car keys and lockout, you are always welcome to contact us 24/7. Buddy’s technicians will be there in minutes to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Don’t hesitate to post it via our “contact us” form if you have a question. Buddy’s will do their best to publish the questions and the answers here on this page.

How much does an automotive locksmith cost?

flip key programmingBuddy’s prices vary based on the service you need. Rate is dependant on your location, lockout time, and other factors; for more questions, contact us.

Is locksmith cheaper than the dealership?

Of course. Auto locksmith services usually charge between 30%-50% less than any car dealership.

Can a locksmith near me make a car key without the original?

A locksmith service that doesn’t provide new car key made service; he is not a locksmith. Any car locksmith should be able to create a new car key for you. Anywhere in the Bay Area, from San Francisco to Gilroy, CA

How much is a locksmith in SF?

During the day, we charge $85 for the service fee. On top of that, we need to know what service exactly you need. A professional car locksmith technician will come to your vehicle in order to repair your car locks, rekey your glove box key or provide any other locksmith service on demand.

Customers Reviews

One day, not so long ago, a customer called me due to two remotes to be programmed for two different car manufacturers. Here to what he has to say:

Business lock repair in San Fransico, CA – Rob A.

“I got locked out of my office in San Francisco today and found Buddy’s locksmith pro lock on the internet. First of all, I checked that he is an insured locksmith, then I asked the guy to fix my front door lock, another two locks, and open on an old lock that I got from my father. Great service! They came in less than 10 minutes. I will definitely be using them again.”

Car lockout near my business in San Francisco, CA – Margaret B.

“Being locked out of your car is really frustrating, especially if it’s near my business in San Francisco, CA, how I hate to be locked out. I asked David to make sure that I have a spare key to all my locks in my salon. I’m grateful for Buddy’s Locksmith Pro Lock! I only waited 10 minutes for them to come. “

Locked out of my business in San Ramon, CA – Jonah S.

A year ago (2020), I was locked out of my business in San Ramon, CA, and the lockout from Buddy’s Locksmith Pro Lock made it a lot easier. The lockout pro was really friendly and had an awesome attitude that made me feel a lot better about the lockout. I don’t wish you to be locked out, but… I recommend everyone to get lockout services from here because they’re one of the best lockouts I’ve ever dealt with. Thank you!



You have questions; Buddy’s Locksmiths have the answers. Call Buddy’s now or use our contact form to ask as many questions as you need. You can ask us anything such as:

  • Our car locksmith services
  • Our car rekey & programming
  • New locks installation policy
  • Lock installation & repair
  • Our emergency locksmith
  • Old car locks and keys services
  • Smart lock solutions

panic bar commercial locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Services

Do you own a commercial business in the Bay Area? San Francisco? San Jose? We can help you today! Our excellent locksmith team is licensed, bonded, and insured to perform all commercial locksmith jobs to be done.

Get a fair price for exit devices (panic bars) installation. Buddy’s Commercial Locksmith Services offer master key systems at a low cost. Our emergency locksmith technicians will do:

  • Office key extraction
  • Office lock repair
  • File cabinet lock repair
  • Front door lock installation
  • Office lockout services
  • Hi-security keys


About San Francisco

“I remember the day my family and I first arrived here. It had been years since we left NYC. My parents were real estate agents for a while before Covid-19 broke out, and they had to escape with my brother and me to save our lives. But on that day, all of that seemed like such a distant memory—I was finally home.

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I love living here because this place has everything you need, connected to all the best parts of America; San Francisco is a city for everyone. There are so many fantastic tourist attractions in San Francisco, but there are even more hidden gems if you know where to look.

And with all these great things to do, you’ll never be bored. All of San Francisco’s beauty offers something for everyone – whether that’s food, entertainment, or just an opportunity to relax. So come out and explore what San Francisco has to offer!

A little bit about me: I didn’t start a year ago. I love to deal with cars. Since childhood, I’m played with cars, dreamed about cars, and fantasized about luxury cars. But the most important for me is our customer care and satisfaction. Come as a customer and end up as a friend and a part of Buddy’s Locksmith family.


Car lockouts can happen at the worst times, often whenever you need to get somewhere fast. Those times where you deal with auto lockouts aren’t the regular times during your day, but rather the ‘I’m running so late’ type of day.

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