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Emergency Locksmith Service in San Jose

Buddy’s Locksmiths is the go-to local mobile locksmith service for people all over San Jose and the wider California area. If you’re looking for the same day service 24/7 emergency locksmith in Milpitas, CA, Fremont, Mountain View, and more, then we’ve got you covered.

emergency lockout
Emergency Lock Change Service

We’re the best emergency locksmith in San Jose, CA. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we’re dedicated to providing you with excellent service and fast response times.

When you’re locked out of your vehicle, home, business, or office, you don’t have time to be waiting around for a locksmith to be open, and with Buddy’s, you don’t have to. Our emergency mobile locksmith service comes to you no matter what day or time it is. Whether you’ve got a car and auto emergency or need help with your commercial or residential home locks, we’ve got you covered.

We provide lock and key solutions for house lockouts, safes, car key replacement, and more. Whether you need a new key or a new lock, our well-trained professional technicians are going to be able to help you out.

Buddy’s Locksmiths Provide Professional Service 24 Hours a Day

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24 HR Locksmith Services

If you constantly find yourself googling things like “where is a mobile locksmith near me?” or “Locksmith in South San Jose, CA,” then make a point of getting in touch with us.

We’re the definitive, reliable mobile locksmith professionals in San Jose, CA, and have already become the choice of many homes, car, and business owners all over the city.

Our Locksmithing Services

We offer various residential home or commercial business or office locksmith services to suit every kind of emergency. If you have a lock problem, the chances are that we have a solution.

A locked key in the car? We can take care of that. Need new locks on your doors? Not a problem for our team. Our emergency locksmith, South San Jose services, effectively get out of jail free card anytime you find yourself in a pickle.

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ASAP Locksmith Services

If you need a locksmith in Milpitas, CA, a locksmith in Mountain View, CA, or a locksmith in Fremont, CA, remember that Buddy’s is always ready to pick up your call.

We get all kinds of calls all the time for a variety of different locksmithing services. We’re experts at making duplicate keys for your car, home, or business in San Jose, so if you’re looking for an extra set, we can get you up and running.

If it’s a vehicle issue you’re having, we can sort that out, too. Our master locksmith technicians make all car/auto lockouts look like child’s play.

We offer broken key extraction, ignition repair, the option to reprogram car key/keys, transponder keys, trunk unlock, getting a replacement car key, new key making, as well as any other issues you might face trying to unlock the car.

From new ignition install to reprogram/program key fob services, our professional lock picking business is waiting on your beck and call.

Buddy’s Locksmithing Security Solutions

Our locksmiths aren’t just experts at getting you not your home or property; we’re also experts at keeping people out of them.

home and business security
Home & Business Security Solutions

We have a wide range of security options, including high-security keys, high-security locks, and security emergency panic bars.

We can help you secure your home or your business, so give us a call, and we can help you protect yourself and your possessions from theft.

Home Professional Lock Picking

We have a range of solutions for homeowners looking for a locksmith, Santa Clara. We can make you some brand new laser cut keys for auto key replacement or home key replacement.

We also offer key duplication, as well as general key cutting & rekeying. Our master lock installation is going to help keep your home and family safe. Your protection is our priority, so give us a call and let us help secure your property.

Mobile Auto Locksmith

We can unlock your car door, offer you transponder key programming, help with lost auto key replacement/ignition key replacement, and more.

We unlock car doors, and open trunk services are here for you. It would help if you never looked for a local locksmith nearby again. Our team is always on call to get out to you, whether there’s rain, sleet, or snow.

Mobile Locksmith Near Me

mobile locksmith near me
Mobile Locksmith Lab Near You

We offer to unlock doors, unlock safes, and repair services for all kinds of locks. We’ve been servicing San Jose for a while now, so we’re experts when it comes to locksmithing in the area.

Our expertise is matched only by our dedication to providing a quality service. All of our technicians are professionals that are masters of their craft. They want to help, so you can rest easy knowing that every single Buddy’s locksmithing job you get done is of a world-class caliber.

If you have any questions about the various locksmithing services we offer, please give us a call. Our phone lines are open 24/7, all year round.

If you’re in an emergency and don’t know what to do, remember that Buddy’s got your back. It doesn’t matter if it’s the dead of night in the middle of winter or a bright summer afternoon; we’re there to help.

San Jose

I’ve got my fair share of travel horror stories, but I’ll never forget the time I got locked out (all keys lost) of the car after a short trip back from Dallas. We landed at about 9:00 pm at San Jose Airport, so I was looking forward to getting back home. After all the luggage and security checks (I don’t travel light), the only thing I wanted is to get in my car and get going.

Locksmith in San Jose
Locksmith services in San Jose’s Airport

Buddy’s had helped me out before with their 24-hour locksmith services, but I didn’t know what their emergency locksmith capabilities were in this situation. San Jose airport is a busy place at any time, so I was very pleasantly surprised when they got to me within 30 minutes of sending my flare out.

Lost car keys aren’t a problem for these guys, seeing as I was worried about my RX import giving them trouble. Fantastic service through and through. 10 out of 10 would recommend.


I’ve always thought of myself (and that is how my parents taught me) as being pretty on top of things. Looking after three growing young guys in this day and age should rank as some superpower, as far as I’m concerned. Once in a while, some situations crop up that shake your confidence a bit.

Mine was losing my car keys when I was supposed to run multiple errands and make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be. My youngest is 11 years, and my oldest is 16, and they’re all soccer-mad like their dad.

Milpitas lock change
Milpitas, CA – 24/7 Locksmith

The Milpitas school district is a great one for the sport. As the proud soccer mom that I’ve grown to be, making sure that everyone got to their practice sessions (Summers especially!) was a point of pride with me. Panic might be a bit too strong a word, but it’s the best descriptor of my state on the day I somehow couldn’t find my car keys come time to get a move on.

I had spent the day (pre-COVID) in the city with some college friends, so I really couldn’t imagine where I might have dropped or placed my keys. A friend had once mentioned an automobile locksmith and car key replacement service that had helped her out, so I hit her up for their details, not sure whether they’d be able to help.

This is getting a bit long, I guess, so let me finish. I’d never had to call on any locksmith services before, so I didn’t believe in when the person I spoke to (his name is Israel) told me that I’d have my situation taken care of within an hour. I told him that we are located in the Great Mall parking lot, in less than an hour later, I had my keys in hand and doing just fine. The key fob programming (which took less than a minute) was something I didn’t even know I would need, but the guys that came over made it so clear that I could do it myself next time.

Santa Clara

Not my thing, but I felt the need to recognize these guys. I’ve heard many stories living out in the suburbs of Santa Clara, and they’ve taught me to be a bit skeptical about any mobile locksmiths. These guys, however, changed my mind.

santa clara locksmith
Santa Clara’s Locksmith Services

You never know when you might need these ‘ locksmiths near me’ fellas, but they’re like Jesus in a pinch. Saviors. I got home at about 4 am and broke my only key right in my door. My door that I open up every day. Pissed off as I was, I figured they were worth a call instead of breaking something. I wasn’t wrong. Less than an hour later, I was chilling. Good looking out, Buddy’s. I hope I never need you again, but you’ll be my first call just in case.

Mountain View

Mountain View is a great place and community to start a family, which is why we decided to make a move from all out the way in Montana to here. We needed, more than wanted, a change after our restaurant got wrecked by last year’s events. After almost six months of real estate transfer and mortgage arrangements, we stood on our new doorstep with keys in hand.

mountain view locksmith
Locksmith in Mountain View, CA

When our agent felt it appropriate to remind us that we need our own set of keys separate from what the previous owners had. Agents, right? After calling upon all the gods we knew to strike them down, we called up the house lock change specialists he recommended.

What we got was a prompt, professional, and thoroughly competent service from Buddy’s Locksmiths. We know incompetence when we see it, but this wasn’t it. They got there the next day ready to help us replace locks in and around the premises. They went on to tell us how home security in the Mountain View neighborhood we were relocating to is best achieved. Anyway, many of our colleagues lost bigger investments in their businesses back where we had come from, and with much higher stakes, but that’s just how it goes nowadays, right?


I thought that landing a job in Silicon Valley was the highlight of my life so far. It turned out that getting a place to live in Sunnyvale would be an additional challenge I wasn’t prepared for. My department needed some new quarters, and I was the one to make sure everything went smoothly.

24/7 locksmith Sunnyvale
Locksmith services in Sunnyvale, CA

After getting all the paperwork done, I thought they would hand me the keys and let us get on with it. That wasn’t to be so. There were commercial door locks to be rekeyed or replaced in the facility. Buddy’s mobile locksmiths turned out to be the heroes we needed.

They got on site early in the morning and were able to take care of issues we didn’t even know or believe we needed to look at, such as the window locks on the building. I’m sure we’re going to call on them in the future, and doubly sure that they’ll take good care of us.

The Best Emergency Locksmith

It doesn’t matter if you’re re-keying your home, changing locks, or something simpler like you’ve locked keys in the car. Whether it’s a locksmith, Sunnyvale, CA, or a locksmith in Saratoga, CA, you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

Buddy’s Locksmiths is the go-to local mobile locksmith service for people all over San Jose and the wider California area. If you’re looking for the same day service 24/7 emergency locksmith in Milpitas, CA, Fremont, Mountain View, and more, then we’ve got you covered.

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