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Our company is a dependable locksmith who is committed to the protection of your business and commercial security. We take pride in our ability and appreciate the opportunity to offer efficient, trustworthy service that your business would want to use with all of its commercial locksmith requirements.

Any lock & key problem you may have, no matter how large or small, from fixing your security to replacing it, can be handled by one of our specialist locksmiths in San Jose. We also offer a broad array of other dependable commercial locksmith services. Customers can rest assured that our locksmith service is performed by registered, licensed, highly educated, and skilled locksmiths who can repair or replace your lockset. Our pricing is realistic and transparent; please visit our pricing page or call us for a quote.

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Double Cylinder Deadbolt

commercial double cylinder deadbolt
Commercial Double Cylinder Deadbolts in San Jose

A key cylinder is located on either side of the door when it comes to double cylinder deadbolts. A key is needed to open a double cylinder deadbolt from both sides of the entrance. In the circumstance of a robber smashing the glass in your house, they would still need a key to unlock and access the door.

Hook Bolt Latch Locks

commercial hook bolt latch lock
A Commercial Bolt Latch Lock

A hook bolt latch lock is a bolt that secures the latch; the spring-loaded bolt with an angular edge is a well-known latch style usually used as part of a lockset. The lock bolt’s angular edge interacts with the strike plate’s lips as the door is pressed shut; a spring enables the bolt to withdraw.

A Deadbolt With Video Doorbell Smart Lock

video lock set
A commercial video camera lock

A deadbolt, also known as a deadbolt or deadlock, is a lockable mechanism that differs from a spring bolt lock in that it can only be opened by turning the key. The more advanced deadbolt locking mechanisms are unique smart lock locksets equipped with an integrated video doorbell system.

Innovative Touchscreen Keypad Door Latch Lock With Bluetooth

touchscreen lock
Fingerprint locking solutions in San Jose

These are high-security lock systems that use a touchscreen keypad with a user’s random numerical password for access to commercial or residential property. There are various access methods such as passwords, keys, smartphones via Bluetooth and card.

Combination Locks

Commercial combination locks
Manual commercial combination locks in San Jose

A combination lock (usually) is a type of locking mechanism unlocked by inserting a set of symbols, typically numbers. A standard revolving dial that communicates with multiple discs or cams, a series of many rotating discs with engraved marks that specifically communicate with the locking mechanism, or a mechanical or electronic keypad may all be used to access the chain. From low-cost three-digit suitcase locks to high-security safe deposit boxes, there is something for everybody. Combination locks, unlike ordinary padlocks, do not use keys.

Smart Lock With Wi-Fi

wifi lock system
A Commercial Wi-Fi Lock in San Jose

Many different commercial door lock and remote door lock lockset systems provide security with standard keys or number combinations. Intelligent Locks with Wi-Fi have keypads for pins and a digital key that communicates with the lockset system wireless through an app on your smartphone.

Commercial Keypad Door Lock

commercial keypad for business
Commercial keypad locks in San Jose

A commercial keypad door lock is a type of lock system that needs a numerical code to obtain access to a business, residence, or property rather than a key. When you install a keypad door lock, you type the numerical code using a numerical pad. The lock system or deadbolt can open if the correct password is entered.

Fingerprint And Keypad Smart Lock Deadbolt

This Smart lock lockset system is a commercial or residential door locks that allow you to control your lock remotely via fingerprint and keypad. These are biometric locking systems that use the homeowner’s fingerprint or a numerical code to gain access.

Mul T Lock

Mul-T-Lock has been a global pioneer in designing, producing, and selling high-security locking devices and security management systems for institutional, commercial, retail, and residential applications for more than four decades. Their mission is to offer differentiated, appropriate, and creative High Security locking and access control solutions; they aspire to become the trusted partner for locksmiths and device installers worldwide.

Assa Abloy Lock

Assa Abloy is also a global leader in access control solutions; they aim to set the bar for one of the most advanced and well-designed security access solutions globally. Their purpose is to make people feel secure and protected while still allowing them to enter a more open environment. To do this, they align their organization around our principles, convictions, and four strategic goals.


What Does A Commercial Locksmith Do?

A commercial locksmith is a locksmith that specializes in providing services to businesses and industries. This is not to say that a commercial locksmith cannot help with domestic locks and security concerns; rather, it implies that they prefer to specialize in commercial or large-scale solutions.

When we think of a locksmith, we usually think of someone who opens and changes locks. A commercial locksmith may assist with a range of services in addition to those that one would typically equate with a locksmith. Buddy’s Locksmith can service electronic locks, commercial access control systems, digital locks, master key suits, key card systems, and other things.

Does A Locksmith Need Proof Of Ownership?

Since locksmiths are specialists in assisting customers in getting access to locked businesses, houses, and automobiles, there is a possibility that people are using their services to obtain access to properties or vehicles that they do not own. In light of this, locksmiths need proof of ownership before unlocking a car, company, or residence. Before a locksmith can offer facilities, individuals must be able to prove their possession. Otherwise, locksmiths risk assisting people in gaining access to property that is not theirs.

What Is The Most Common Lock & Key Security Feature On Commercial Doors?

The most popular and common security feature of a commercial door lock and the primary protection system for many of these doors is the knob lock. Instead of being on the handle, the lock cylinder is in the knob. Commercial Businesses cannot use knob locks on exterior doors because they are quickly broken into by tools such as a hammer or wrench.

How Do You Block A Door Without A Lock?

There are a variety of methods you could you to block and secure your door without a lock. These are nine of the best tested and tried ways of locking a door without a lock and using a wedge, using a fork to secure the door, putting a chair under the handle of the door, using a belt, investing in a portable door lock, using a movable security bar to shut the door, adding a keyless door reinforcement lock, using a door barricade, and lastly, using a strike plate lock.

Our company is a dependable locksmith who is committed to the protection of your business and commercial security. We take pride in our ability and appreciate the opportunity to offer efficient, trustworthy service that your business would want to use with all of its commercial locksmith requirements.

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