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Commercial Locksmith Bay Area

If you need a commercial locksmith in San Jose to help you with lock installations and repairs, Buddy’s Locksmith can help. Buddy’s Locksmith is a commercial locksmith and a reliable mobile locksmith, able to help you on all commercial properties, including office furniture locks & keys and mailbox locks and keys.

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Commercial door lock change

The Bay Area, located in California, has about 7.1 million people and is one of the most densely populated areas in the country. People live in the Bay Area, including San Francisco on the north to Gilroy, at the south. Enjoy mild weather year-round. The Bay Area also has many crime rates, such as robberies and thefts.

24/7 Commercial locksmith services in the Bay Area

Buddy’s locksmith is located in San Jose, CA. But, our teams of experts locksmith are spread around the Bay Area. With us, you should expect a fast response at an affordable rate.

Looking for an Emergency Lock Repair or Installation?

We are a commercial locksmith service proudly serving the entire Bay Area for locks and keys at an affordable price!

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Commercial Access Control Systems

Buddy’s Locksmith Company has all You Need at the Best Prices!

Buddy’s locksmith has the knowledge & proper equipment. Fast and Affordable lock repair services. Commercial door lock installation services – All in one phone call to a commercial locksmith company that serves the entire Bay Area.

Do you need new locks for your business?

A standard locksmith who finished his apprentices time would not replace a massive commercial door. You cannot request that from him.
This is where Buddy’s locksmith company specialist comes into play. We have been providing commercial services throughout the Bay Area for more than a decade, so you should expect many products and solutions from us. And we never charge extra fees.

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Cloud base locking solutions

Do you want to replace your front door locks?

It doesn’t matter if your old locks are broken or you have just entered a new business. Replacing your front door locks is crucial for every business.

It is essential to spend time and money on managing the security of your door locks, especially if you live or work in a crime-riddled area such as the Bay Area.

Looking for a storefront locking system? Get in touch with Buddy’s Locksmith ASAP!

Get replacement keys to hide in your house.

Don’t give all your keys to the shift or business manager without ensuring you have replacement keys. It will cost you much more to replace the locks or change the lock combination without a working key.

All of your Locksmith Needs From San Francisco Bay Area

At the north to Gilroy, at the south of the Bay Area. Buddy’s locksmith is here to help you with any commercial lock and key service that you might need.

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Commercial Lock Change

Affordable Locksmith Services in the Bay Area

If you are looking for a Bay Area locksmith, you have to be sure you will not be ripped off. Some commercial locksmiths in the East Bay Area will try and scam you from your first call. So Beware!

On the other hand, as a local team of locksmiths, Buddy’s Commercial Locksmith is here to stay. Our commercial locksmith services & pricing is transparent, and all of our techs are honest and dedicated commercial locksmiths.

Do you need a commercial lock repair service? Call Buddy’s now!

We are licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of our services. Affordable locksmith services are excellent – but not just for advertising purposes only.

Emergency Locksmith Services & Service Areas

Buddy’s mobile locksmith labs are ready from East Bay Area to West. From San Jose to San Francisco, you’re covered.

Buddy’s Commercial Locksmith Service Includes

  • Commercial door locks – Repair/ replace existing locks
  • Lock installation
  • Panic push bars
  • Keyless entry
  • Commercial smart locks
  • High-security system
  • And many other services
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Mul T Lock San Jose

A Local Locksmith That Offers Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial locksmith services are different than automotive locksmith services. You cannot trust any commercial lock and key professional working in your location. You need to be aware that some locksmiths are not trained for commercial locksmith work.

Getting your business key codes is worth much more than having a copy of your car keys. The most essential and sensitive locksmith job will be at your home or business.

Commercial Locksmith VS Residential Locksmith VS Automotive Locksmith

“I have lost my motorcycle keys,” Told me a grown youth customer. “I want to buy a new one, can you cut the keys? Cause I don’t understand the differences between Commercial, residential, and automotive locksmiths. I need a key to my motorcycle.”

Don’t put your head down yet. I told you that there are differences between locksmith services, and you can get different results from the same service.

While residential Locksmiths offer similar services as Commercial locksmiths, they do it at a higher rate. They charge more because of their liability as a homeowner locksmith.

Automotive Locksmiths do not have enough training to replace locks & keys on your home, office, or bank. They are good with car keys and remotes – nothing else. While some automotive locksmiths can cut keys for businesses, this is not the norm.

The difference between Commercial Automotive and Residential locksmith

Locksmith Services in San Jose Surrounding Area

The entire bay area is an enormous territory. Commercial locksmith technicians are eager to get their hands on the money you will give them.

The best way to approach a locksmith is to be prepared before calling one. Ask for an affordable price, read reviews, and know your plans ahead of time.

Lock repair VS Lock replacement – Commercial Locksmith Bay Area

Many new business owners from the entire bay area rather get a new commercial lock instead of lock repair services. You’ll get many quotes for lock replacements, but does it necessary?

If you are smart, wait a minute! Before investing a lot of money on a brand new locking system, let’s see if the old one is really “Old.” You don’t want to find out later that it’s much cheaper to keep your old one.

Is there a difference between lock replacement and lock repair?

From San Jose to Walnut Creek – A Great Job Everywhere!

Buddy’s Locksmith company is a licensed locksmith contractor in the Bay Area. Satisfied clients from all around. From East Bay, Walnut Creek, and surrounding areas. We offer excellent locksmith services. From keys duplication to master key systems – Buddy’s pro commercial locksmiths company at your service. West to East Bay – All you locksmith needs by the Best Bay Area Locksmith Company

Our Company’s Reviews

Steve M.

Access Control Repair in San Jose

“Thank you, Buddy’s Commercial Locksmith. The technicians are amiable, and they did a great access control repair in San Jose yesterday. We will call you again for the replacement of all our locks. This is good service!” Steve M. – San Jose.

Julia M.

Security system replacement in San Rafael, CA

“We just move our business to a new location. After a break-in attempt, we have a new security system installed in our building. Buddy’s Commercial Locksmith did a great job. Thank you for the free quote and professional locksmith services.” Julia M. – San Rafael, CA.

Adriana L.

A Good locksmith at reasonable prices in Santa Clara

“The best commercial locksmith service that I have come by. The locksmith was very friendly and had the job done at good prices in Santa Clara, CA.” Adriana L. – Santa Clara.

Bill H.

The fastest emergency locksmith services in the Bay Area!

“I got locked out of my business in San Francisco yesterday. I called Buddy’s Locksmith company at 10 am, was inside of my business before 11 am. The fastest emergency locksmith services company in the Bay Area.” Bill H. – San Francisco, CA.

panic bar
Commercial Locks & Panic Bars

Lisa W.

Local locksmith for commercial keys, locks & doors

“After purchasing a new building in San Jose, we found that all the locking system is rusty and about to break. We had them all replaced with a new commercial locking system, and it’s still working great after more than a year.” Lisa W. – San Jose.

Sarah Q.

Panic Bar installation in East Bay Area

“Our restaurant in the East Bay Area needed new panic bars (exit devices) installed. Panic bars are not easy to install. We know that cause we had a bad experience with another so-called “emergency locksmith service company” in the entire Bay Area. They also have great automotive locksmith services. We called Buddy’s Locksmith company, and they did a good job.” Sarah Q. – Fremont, CA.

Evan S.

Auto locksmith services in San Jose

“I needed an auto locksmith services company in San Jose that wouldn’t charge me for extra time spent at the shop to cut keys. I called one commercial locksmith company that had a mobile commercial locksmith company service only. Then I called Buddy’s. I was given an estimate, and it didn’t change even if it took longer.” Evan S. – San Jose.

Judy S.

Master Key Systems in Santa Clara, Bay Area

“We looked for a licensed locksmith company in our area to create a new key system for our medical building. We were advised by our friends to contact Buddy’s Locksmith. They offer quality service, and we know we can trust them.” Judy S. – Santa Clara.

master key system
Commercial Master Key System

Stacy R.

Installing a Master Key System in San Francisco

“I have contacted so many locksmith companies before I found Buddy’s Locksmith Company. We had to install three master key systems. They offer the most affordable master key system in San Francisco, Bay Area.” Stacy R.

Vanessa F.Lock Rekey service in Pleasanton, CA

“We had a re-keying job that needed to be done the same day. We called Buddy’s Commercial Locksmith. They were very friendly over the phone and able to accommodate us. The locksmith that came was also very nice.” Vanessa F.

Jennifer M.

Lock and key service in Walnut Creek

“Good customer service and competitive prices. They do offer lock and key service in Walnut Creek Bay Area.” Jennifer M

Justin F.

Security Systems Repair in Mountain View, CA

“The security system repair was top notch. And the price is very reasonable.” Justin F.

Kaci W.

Emergency Locksmith Castro Valley, CA

“I was in a real jam. I locked myself out of my business in Dublin, CA. Thank goodness for Buddy’s Commercial Locksmith. They came very fast and got the job done. Call them if you need an emergency commercial locksmith in Alameda County.” Kaci W.

Ryan P.

Residential locks repair by San Jose Locksmith Company

“I locked myself out of my apartment yesterday. I looked online and found a number 1 locksmith in San Mateo County, CA, and found Bulls#$%t. It wasn’t Buddy’s Locksmith. A close friend (she used them for automotive locksmith needs) referred me to this company. They arrived quickly and got the job done.” Ryan P. – Sunnyvale, CA

Audrey M.

Commercial Locksmith Service in Walnut Creek, CA

“I was locked out of my business in Walnut Creek, CA. I got on Yelp and found several commercial locksmith services near me. I called two numbers that showed up first. One didn’t answer their phone; the other had an answering service who said they would call me back but never did! So frustrating! I finally called Buddy’s Commercial Locksmith Company.

A bay area locksmith technician called me back within 5 minutes (He was ending another job in Walnut Creek) and arrived in less than 30 minutes. They were great! The guy was very professional and didn’t make me feel like I couldn’t afford his services (like the other two companies). He got the job done promptly and at a reasonable price. I definitely won’t call the different bay area locksmith companies again and will recommend Buddy’s to everyone!” Audrey M.

Marisol B.

Locksmith in East Bay Area

“We had a commercial locksmith company come over to our new office in San Francisco, CA, and change the locks. It was done efficiently, and we’re very happy with the service.” Marisol B. – San Francisco, CA

bulk master keys
Master keys

Sam T.

Affordable locksmith for lock installation in Walnut Creek, CA

“We needed a locksmith to help us out with a commercial lock installation. We found Buddy’s Locksmith company from Walnut Creek on Google. They had the best prices, and they came right away!” Sam T.

george a

Locksmiths in Union City, CA area

“We’ve moved our business from San Francisco to Union City due to the pandemic. We have found many automotive locksmith pros, residential locksmith techs, but it’s tough to find a professional commercial locksmith company.

We needed a master key system and got a new master key. We had to repair our old lock and make sure the office lock was working correctly. After calling Buddy’s Locksmith, we got all our locksmith needs and issues solved within hours. George A.

Ian C.

Commercial Lock repair Alameda, CA

“My storefront lock has broken. I couldn’t get in touch with my previous commercial, locksmith, so I called Buddy’s Commercial Locksmith. He answered the phone right away and came by with his locksmith’s vehicle within an hour. Fast, professional, and courteous service! The price was also reasonable! I’ll call him even for Residential services ” Ian C. – San Francisco, CA.

Security Commercial Access Doors

“From day one, our financial business uses Buddy’s Locksmith for all our locksmith needs. We’ve struggled a lot to find a reliable locksmith when our company was in San Jose. After finding Buddy’s commercial locksmith service beyond expectations – We decide to drag him down to Walnut Creek even for a lock repair. #1 Commercial Locksmith services!”

The Best Commercial Locksmith Company Near You!

Buddy’s Commercial Locksmith offers excellent yet affordable locksmith services in San Jose and the Bay Area. As a San Jose locksmith, We pride ourselves on being the most affordable and reliable locksmith company in the Bay Area.


If you need a commercial locksmith in San Jose to help you with lock installations and repairs, Buddy’s Locksmith can help. Buddy’s Locksmith is a commercial locksmith and a reliable mobile locksmith, able to help you on all commercial properties, including office furniture locks & keys and mailbox locks and keys.

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