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Commercial Locksmith

If you need a commercial locksmith in San Jose to help you with lock installations and repairs, Buddy’s Locksmith can help. Buddy’s Locksmith is a commercial locksmith and a reliable mobile locksmith, able to help you on all commercial properties, including office furniture locks & keys and mailbox locks and keys.

commercial door lock
Commercial door lock change

We can help with lock and safe services in San Jose, CA, such as commercial safe opening and combination changes. Additionally, if your home has an ADA door closer or panic bar, the team can help master key systems repair or replace hardware for your high-security doorway. After all, no one likes to call office lockout assistance.

Buddy’s locksmith team is experienced with access control security system installation, sliding/ automatic doorway installation and repair, and business intercom system advisement.

What is Access Control?

Access control and advanced access control are all about making sure that people who want to get into a place are all allowed to be there. Access control uses selective restriction and access control technology to keep people out and let them in. To start ensuring the security of your home, business, and commercial property, you need access control systems.

access control systems
Commercial Access Control Systems

Access control services are all about using keypads, keycards, and proximity fobs that the people under your employ can have. Your employees should be able to get into the rooms restricted by your access control, and you can grant and revoke access using both audio/visual intercoms.

This improves your job or business’s security, and you can be happy that no one unauthorized can get into any restricted areas.

Cloud-base locking systems

For your household, you can have the advantage of access control to secure your house. Buddy’s locksmith can install cloud-based systems so you can control everything on your mobile device. You can give remote access and have complete control over your entry activity with a smartphone-enabled locking mechanism. You can have control of your access control solutions and access logs with smart device-enabled locking mechanisms.


cloud base lock
Cloud base locking solutions

Imagine being able to make sure that only your children and family members can get into your house. A simple check of your smart device or tap on a button, and then you can see who has been inside of your home. It certainly helps with your peace of mind and can bring calmness for you.

If you want to have access control services, Buddy’s Locksmith can provide access control installation & repair services; if you want card access installation, smart-lock installation, alarm lock repair, installation, or keypad access installation, then you can have that installed without any trouble.

Buddy’s Locksmith also has an innovation with audit trails and trilogy lock installation and repair. Whether you want to secure your own home with an audio and video-enabled intercom system or make sure you can control the people coming in and out of your business, we can help you get it done.

Buddy’s Locksmith employees can come to your home and business to ensure that everything is installed correctly. They can give your employees or family members all that they need to get inside your home or business without any trouble.

Creating A Master Key System

master key system
Commercial Master Key System

Whenever you have several locks and keys inside one building, you can use a master key to open any lock. Master keying can allow every lock to be opened by both the lock owner and the owner of the master key. This can enable you to have additional keys or a duplicated key that can open any lock in the commercial building.

But what makes a master key so unique? A master key is a key that can open more than one lock, but ironically the key isn’t so uncommon. For a master key and the original key to open the same wave, the locks need to be specially built with master wafers. This creates shear lines that can help to differentiate between the two keys.

One shear line is for the standard key that your employee or family member has, and the second is for your master lock. To have master keys, Buddy’s Locksmith can ensure that all of your locks are specifically created to work with two shear lines and have those master wafers.

Plus, if the first key is lost, the master key can unlock the deadbolt and lock the deadbolt cylinder. Master keying can be necessary for a doorknob, a service entrance door, or a residential system. You should have the master key records to open all the high-security cylinders in your multi-level system.

Make sure your locks are master keyed.

bulk master keys
Master keys

Having a master key is not only a great way to prevent employees from misplacing their keys and losing your precious time fixing it, but you can also get into any room or locked area in your business. This can be helpful for several reasons, and if all of your locks are master keyed, it can only enhance your security. Plus, you can also replace an entire ring of keys with one master key that is much easier to carry and keep around. Additionally, you can have one access to use for almost anything with your business or home.

You can also have a lock that has been rekeyed with a master keying system, which is helpful if you’ve got something locked in a safe. Buddy’s Locksmith has a mobile locksmith in San Jose service that lets you change keys and provide lock and secure service. If you want to see if a master key can work for you, give us a call!

Commercial Hardware

commercial lock
Commercial Lock Change

The Buddy’s Locksmith mobile locksmith service can repair, replace, or service any commercial area. Our trained team of locksmiths can come out and provide a free estimate and repair parts for you. We have a working knowledge of most lock hardware manufacturers, including Schlage, LCN, Dorma, Von Duprin, Alarm Lock, Jackson, Falcon, Adams Rite, and Norton.

If your commercial hardware is broken because of a key snapped off in a lock or the lock won’t turn, our locksmiths will help you. Our free consultation and estimate can help you see what needs to be done to get your door unlocked and yourself back to work. Our locksmiths are always prepared, ready to handle anything, and we can answer all of your questions.

Once we make our assessment and answer your questions, we can get to work opening that lock and getting you back into your business.

Door Closer Services

mul t lock door
Mul T Lock San Jose

Door closers can be very useful to help with the security of a business, and our locksmiths can provide commercial door closers and assemblies. Our mobile locksmith service in San Jose, CA, install a top-grade door closer to commercial facilities, such as schools, banks, office buildings, and restaurants. We also service the door closers by offering to repair and replace any that aren’t working, even after installing.

Door closers can come in many different types, including traditional, modern, covered, or even concealed door closers in the door, frame, and floor. So whatever your needs and style are for your door closers, we can help get them installed without any trouble.

Whether you need them for security or just as a helping hand for people who might have trouble opening doors, our team can help with our stellar door closer services.

Panic Bar Service

panic bar
Commercial Locks & Panic Bars

If your home or commercial properties need some exit devices, look no further than a panic bar. Panic bars can function as a suitable exit device (or fire exit hardware when used on fire doors), and our professional locksmith service can install, repair, and replace them. Our lock mobile service van in San Jose can come to you and establish a panic bar from several manufacturers.

We offer parts and panic bars from Von Duprin, Dorma, Jackson, Adams Rite, Precision, and Detex. So no matter what door you need a panic bar installed on, we can help you out. All our panic bars are designed to open quickly and allow crowds of people to get out of a commercial area in case of an emergency. We can also offer exit bars that can work on buildings with less than 50 people with occupancy levels.

We Are ADA Compliant

Safe lockout
Safe Lockout Services

Finally, we offer ADA compliant hardware for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our locks and devices all follow ADA requirements and match ADA compliance. Our entrance doors, door closers, doors, and hardware all follow ADA instructions and are safe for Americans with disabilities to use.

We follow the instructions on opening force, closing speed, and having compatible hardware that is the required distance from the ground. Everything we do is ADA compliant, and we like to keep it that way. We also make sure that the floors around our doors are smooth, making opening them a breeze.

The doorknobs, handles, and other moving parts on our doors and locks can all be operated with one hand. No matter what, people can open the door and get moving with minimal difficulty.

We pride ourselves on having both residential and business experience, making locks better for all our clients. No matter what, anyone can use our locksmith services whenever Buddy’s Locksmith installs them.

If you need a commercial locksmith in San Jose to help you with lock installations and repairs, Buddy’s Locksmith can help. Buddy’s Locksmith is a commercial locksmith and a reliable mobile locksmith, able to help you on all commercial properties, including office furniture locks & keys and mailbox locks and keys.

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