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Buddy’s Locksmith Pro Lock has been operating to provide locksmith solutions and services in Mountain View, CA, and the Bay Area. We’ve served the Bay Area for over ten years and provide automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services. We are committed to crafting long-term services for our clients and aid uncompromised projects in any form or size.

One of the main reasons Buddy’s Locksmith has been around for so long in the Bay Area is our customer
service excellence. We also offer satisfaction-guaranteed competitive pricing and give the utmost excellence in customer service.

What are different Locksmith services?
There are several types of locksmith services, but let us focus on these three:

Mountain View Auto Locksmith

These kinds of locksmiths focus on keys locks related to cars or vehicles. Did you lose your car key? Left your car key inside your vehicle and has no duplicate? Or is your car key broken? An auto locksmith is a right person that could help you.

automotive locksmith tools in mountain view
Automotive locksmith in Mountain View

What can an Auto Locksmith do?

1.Unlocking your car. An auto locksmith can unlock a car even with or without the use of a physical key. They are experts in unlocking different locks and keyholes of different kinds of cars. Our team can also use keyless processes or even codes to open your cars from automatic to manual.
2. Fixing Broken Keys. Jammed key? Snapped key from over twisting? An auto locksmith can fix it for you. Buddy’s Locksmith can get your broken keys in its keyhole in any way possible.
3. Key duplicates and replacements. Lost keys? Need duplicates? An auto locksmith can do that for you. With the help of their specialized technology, we can make numerous numbers of your keys, either traditional or automatic. We can do it.

Benefits of an Auto Locksmith service:

1.Quick Accommodation. An auto locksmith can give you his assistance most easily and quickly possible. We can provide you their service even in the shortest amount of time.
2. 24/7 ready. Buddy’s Locksmith can assist you anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is to contact them and give them your location.
3. Trustworthy. These kinds of locksmiths are skillful and qualified. Our team is appropriately trained and is insured.

house locksmith mountain view

Mountain View Residential Locksmiths

A residential locksmith is the one that is responsible for all locks and keys inside and outside your home. They are the ones needed if anything happened to your keys, doors, or even windows and their locks.

What does a Residential Locksmith do?

1.Installing and lock repairs

These locksmiths are the ones to install locks in your house. They can also do repairs if ever a lock became loose or stop functioning correctly. They expertly know all kinds of locks, their use, and the most suitable for your request.

2. Crime-related repairs

Not caring for the property of their victims, robbers and burglars can do anything to get into your home. Residential locksmiths can fix these for you. They can also install a new locking system for house’s and family’s protection.

3. Key duplicates

Residential locksmiths can duplicate your keys by the use of their tools. Key duplications can help you conveniently, especially when you have many members in the family.

4. Making a master key. Need a key that opens all the locks inside your house? Residential locksmiths can do that for you.

Benefits of the Residential Locksmith service:


We can provide you with the safest lock system for your house.

2. Abilities.

With their expert hands, you don’t have to doubt the abilities of these locksmiths in making the best key and locks for your home.

3. 24/7 service.

You can contact the Locksmith near you and avail of their services even in 24-hour time.

Mountain View Commercial Locksmiths

As a residential locksmith, a commercial locksmith is an expert that could help you in all your locking systems and key services, but they specialized in the business and commercial centers.

commercial locksmith services in mountain view
Commercial locksmith near me in Mountain View

What can a commercial locksmith do?

1. New locking system.

A commercial locksmith can help you install new locks on your business establishment, for it no denies that they are good magnets for burglars and criminals. You can trust them in keeping your business safe.

2. Key duplicating and replacement.

Left your keys at home? No problem. These locksmiths can duplicate the numbers and numbers of your original keys for safety purposes.

3. Security.

They can upgrade your locking system to newer and advanced ones.

Benefits of the Commercial Locksmith service:

1. Protection.

They can provide you security in your business establishment, even against dishonest employees.

2.  24/7 response.

They can provide you with their service 24/7.

3.  Security.

They can offer you the latest security systems and locking process.

There is no denying that honest locksmith services are needed in Mountain View, and we, at Buddy’s Locksmith Pro Locks, can surely give you the best service when it comes to providing the best locking service and maintenance. From traditional to smart locks, rekeys, and duplication, we have it all for your convenience. Contact our friendly crew and us for more details.


Issy the Locksmith
Issy the Locksmith

Since 2003, Issy is fixing locks & keys. Locksmithing has been his favorite hobby since childhood. Now Issy is one of the best locksmith technicians in the Bay Area.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask Issy via our contact form.

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