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Buddy’s Locksmith San Jose can assist whenever you need cylinders or door locks changed throughout the entire South Bay Area. We are among the best locksmith services in the Bay Area. We provide cylinder locks installations, repair, and replacement services.

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As your preferred San Jose residential locksmith, you can count on our rapid response for any emergency lockouts. Buddy’s commercial locksmiths emergency lockout service helps you with any cylinders lock replacement and installing cylinders locks and cylinder locks rekey services. As your local locksmith, we are also mobile locksmiths and can travel to your home, office, and storefront. As well as residential, commercial, and investment property when you need our help. Our master locksmiths also assist hospitals, schools, and government offices.

Getting a lock change San Jose and The south Bay Area doesn’t have to be complicated. Our certified and highly trained locksmith technicians can identify what the problem with your key and lock system is. We know exactly what to do for a broken key in the cylinder issue when you find out that the cylinder is not functioning properly or if a door cylinder needs to be replaced. Give us a call today.

How to Use Cylinder Locks?

A cylinder lock is just one type of door locking mechanism. It is also called a tumbler lock pin, and one of the main points to note here is that each varying-sized pin follows the key pattern. A Cylinder lock mechanism is useful for doors because it is one of the most secure door locks available. Every unique tool needs an expert who knows how to handle the different installation, repair, and replacement issues.

No matter what lock system you have, you frequently have to unlock and lock the mechanism, and normal wear and tear can result. Buddy’s Locksmith can help with any cylinder lock problems you face.

Top five types of the most common cylinder locks in 2021:

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Mortise Lock Cylinder in San Jose


The mortise is a type of cylinder lock that is both round and large. Its threading housing makes it very secure and less likely to get broken. A mortise lock drawback is that it can only fit specific doors and not all types of lockset. This makes it very difficult to customize and repair doors. It is also important to note that replacing mortise locks costs more, and you might expect this given its quality and uniqueness.


It can operate with deadlocks, knobs, and lever locking mechanisms, but it is best for metal doorknobs or handles. Installing KIK cylinder locks? You will most likely need a certified locksmith to get the job done. If you install this lock incorrectly, it may not provide the same security. One of the other main drawbacks of a KIK cylinder lock is that it is challenging to fix the KIK mechanisms.

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Brass KIK Lock in San Jose

Interchangeable (IC) Core Cylinders

For a mechanism that allows a fast install, you can try an interchangeable core (IC) cylinder lock. These are by far the best options if you might need a quick replacement of locks on doors at your home or business. This mechanism features six to seven pins. This option works well with all types of the master key system. There is a major downfall if you want to replace the lock or lose your key. Despite all the interchangeable system benefits, it is one of the more expensive to fix and install.

Euro Cylinder Locks

Another cylinder mechanism to consider is the Euro cylinder lock. It is arguably the most popular. One challenge with these locks is that, in the end, they can snap, allowing tampering. You can get around this with an anti-snap high-secure version. In these, the barrel’s middle part averts any possibility of interference.

yale euro cylinder
Yale Cylinder in San Jose

Oval Profile Cylinder Locks

The sixth option is oval profile cylinder locks. These are the less common locks and are only available with a limited number of options for brands, sizes and are pretty limited in their features. Thumb turn lock is also not an option.

How Do Cylinder Locks Operate?

The cylinder lock mechanism concept is that cylinder locks operate with pins inside keys to be unlocked. For this to happen, it must be aligned perfectly with the ridges.

How Secure Are Cylinder Locks?

falcon smart lockCylinder locks are secure and hard to penetrate, but the security also depends on the type of cylinder lock you have. Cylinder locks, similar to deadbolts, provide the most secure locking option.

The Difference Between Cylinder Lock To Mortise Lock?

The cylinder is not the same as the mortise, and installing cylinder locks is different from installing a mortise lock. Cylinder locks require more preparation before installation. A mortise lock is installed into a hollow door.

You might want to consider some brands if you need quality cylinder locks: Yale, Schlage, Mul-T-Lock, Kwikset, Medeco, Corbin Russwin, Sargent, Marks, Baldwin, Ilco, and ASSA Abloy.

Why Choose Buddy’s Locksmith?

There are many reasons why you should choose Buddy’s Locksmith. We are the best locksmith in San Jose and are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our 24/7 locksmiths in San Jose can assist you with any cylinder-related problem. Our clients enjoy guaranteed satisfaction, a friendly service, and quality lock brands, as well as affordable and competitive prices. Call us today for a great Locksmith serving San Jose and the South Bay area.

Buddy’s Locksmith San Jose can assist whenever you need cylinders or door locks changed throughout the entire South Bay Area. We are among the best locksmith services in the Bay Area. We provide cylinder locks installations, repair, and replacement services.

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