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Smart door locks

Smart living is becoming more evident as technology becomes more advanced. Smart homes have been developing in the last few years. Thus, as you upgrade your home smart devices, don’t forget about your home security. A smart lock is as important as a smart thermostat in keeping your entire property secure.

Buddy’s Locksmith offers smart locks for door installation as well as replacement and repair services to secure, fully monitor, and be able to control your entire home. Our range of locksmith services includes smart door lock systems and smart digital peephole door viewers.

smart door lock
Not google smart locks only.

Is it Possible to Hack Smart Door Locks?

yale door smart lock
Yale | Smart Door Lock

Smart locks and doors can be hacked. Any digital technology is hackable, which is essential to consider when upgrading your hardware. However, it can be challenging to hack the system because home security takes this into account.

A smart door lock allows you to operate a door remotely. A hacker would probably need advanced technology within proximity of your door. Plus, if you have a camera system, you can be warned or send out a signal that scares the potential intruder.

The Best and Top Smart Locks for 2021

Home security is critical since it protects all your belongings and everyone inside. Therefore, you should pick the top and best smart lock that enhances your safety.

Overall Best Ranked Smart Lock: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Pro

wifi door lock
Wi-Fi door lock in San Jose

This smart lock upgrades your existing lock by fitting right over it. It works through Wi-Fi, but you can control it from anywhere. You may easily lock and unlock the door. The lock is also compatible with voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Plus, you can send secure digital keys to friends and family.

Apartment Dwellers Best Smart Lock. August Smart Lock and Connect

With this device, a key is not necessary. Control your lock through your phone and the power of Bluetooth. The device fits right over your lock so that there is no complicated installation process. It goes on the inside lock and leaves the outside one alone. Still, it controls the lock for you—all through your mobile device.

Best Smart Lock Design. Key Free & Touchscreen Deadbolt, Yale Assure Lock SL

Having no switch to turn, this smart lock is simply a keypad that attaches to your door. From your mobile device, you can lock and unlock. However, if you are at the door and don’t want to pull out your phone, use the keypad to enter your code and enter your home.

Best Simple Setup Smart Lock. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

kwikset wi-fi dead bolt
Wi-Fi Deadbolt by Kwikset

The smart lock has built-in Wi-Fi, so there’s no need to purchase the connect bundle. This smart lock comes with the most advanced features while having an easy installation process. You need a screwdriver to set it up and secure your home.

Benefits of Smart Door Locks

Some of the benefits of a door smart lock include:

  • It would help if you never searched for your keys again.
  • They have a modern look and have an excellent first impression.
  • You won’t need to remove or change the deadbolt system or keys.
  • You can provide access to family and friends even when you’re not home. Protect your home.

More and more people are upgrading their door locks to smart locks–you should too!


Are Batteries Needed to Operate Keyless Door Locks?

The answer is yes; most door keyless locks require batteries inside the lock to work. Individual locks need four “C” batteries; one example is Trilogy Network PDL8200. When you utilize Buddy’s Locksmith services, they are included with the lock for installation. The installer should show you how to replace the batteries and inform you how often you need to replace them. They also make sure you know the type of battery so that you are not left guessing or purchasing the wrong thing.


Buddy’s Locksmith offers commercial/ residential smart lock services because we know that security is critical for properties of all sizes. There is no project we can’t handle. If you want to enhance your business, smart security is an excellent way in the right direction. We offer different elegant lock types: biometric, fingerprint, latch, Bluetooth, card, iPhone, digital, android, with a camera, card. We install locks for outdoors / indoors.

Finally, you get to choose your finish: satin chrome, silver, polished brass, and many more options. These types of smart locks work great outdoors as well as indoors.

Call Buddy’s Locksmith San Jose today and see how we can support and improve your security system.

What We Offer When it Comes to Door Smart Locks:

We are a local locksmith company in San Jose that provides commercial and residential locks services in the south Bay Area. Our mobile locksmiths near you can assist you around the clock, providing high-quality service when it comes to smart locks for doors.

As San Jose master locksmiths, we provide quality and friendly services and carry many brands of Smart Door Lock types. Our professional, smart door lock repair services are the most trusted in the South Bay area. We are proudly serving the following communities:

  • San Jose
  • Mountain View
  • Sunnyvale
  • Santa Clara
  • Milpitas
  • Fremont
  • Campbell
  • Los Gatos
  • Fremont
  • Palo Alto

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Customers stories

The M. family lives near Elenda Street, Cupertino. Luxurious house, huge yard and parking enough for several cars. The company staff was called to the scene on Saturday morning due to a malfunction in the smart lock installed on the door. Mrs. M was very stressed.

Faults in smart locks can happen for many reasons—power outages, software, battery, sensors, and problems with the lock itself.

After some testing, the technician found a failure in the lock itself. “Probably someone pushed the handle hard,” I said. And I was a little apprehensive; maybe these are burglary attempts.

“I’m perturbed,” said the landlady. After a few phone calls, it was clarified by the child’s babysitter that the child was hung on the handle every day when the parents left.

“The mystery has been solved” I was glad.

I could not find a similar lock at my mobile locksmith lab. But yes, I found a more sophisticated smart lock, also durable for businesses, so that the child can hang on the handle until the age of 18.

I got a wonderful review on Google and a lifelong customer.

What’s new with Smart Locks?

I have a client in San Jose who loves gadgets and comes to me every time to check out what’s new in the world of locksmithing. Last week he arrived and we checked out some of the most advanced smart locks in the world.

For example Yale’s Next X. The lock is world-class designed. Has a rounded exterior metallic finish and a black screen. The literature board is illuminated to the right degree, and the literature can be clearly seen even in sunlight. Its exterior dimensions are 2.6 inches by 4.6 inches in height. The lock protrudes from the 0.08-inch door, giving the product a look like it was taken from a science fiction movie. The overall weight is 2.42 pounds. You should have a set of four batteries in addition to those installed in the lock. In any case, compared to a standard lock that costs a maximum of $ 20, the Next X starts at $ 280, not including installation.

Smart living is becoming more evident as technology becomes more advanced. Smart homes have been developing in the last few years. Thus, as you upgrade your home smart devices, don’t forget about your home security. A smart lock is as important as a smart thermostat in keeping your entire property secure.

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