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Lever Handle Locks

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Entry Door Knobs

entry doorknobs san jose
Entry doorknobs in San Jose

This is the most common exterior doorknob option on the market. Locks are unique, and they only respond to people who have the right key to get in. While you can lock the knob from the inside or outside, it typically only requires a key for people outside. 

Privacy Door Levers

privacy door lock in San Jose
Privacy door levers in San Jose

As the name implies, you typically implement a privacy door lever on interior doors when privacy is required. They are most often found in bedroom and bathroom applications. The outside is only unlocked by an emergency key, while a thumb turn opens the knob on the inside. 

Entry Door Levers

entry door lever
Entry door lever service in San Jose

Entry door levers work the same way that entry door knobs do as far as the internal locking mechanism is concerned. The difference is the placement of a lever instead of a nob, conducive to better ergonomics. Instead of a tight grasp and twist, you need only apply a little force downward. 

Dummy Door Levers

dummy door lever
Dummy door lever installation in San Jose

Dummy levers have no locking mechanism, which means there isn’t an entryway on their design. You typically find them on cabinets or other fixtures that do not require the opening of a lock to use. Their purpose is to bring a level of convenience by allowing you to have something to hold onto. 

Passage Door Levers

Passage door levers services
Passage Door Lever Services in San Jose

Like dummy levers, passage levers also do not have a locking mechanism present. The difference, however, is that dummy levers do not move, while passage levers still require you to press them. You often find them on closet or hallway doors that you may want to close but not lock. 

Lever Handle Sets

Lever handle sets in San Jose
Lever handle sets in San Jose

A handle set includes the various pieces that make up the holding and locking mechanism. A lever handset includes a lever on one or both sides. Different locking mechanisms could be implemented, including a mortice lock, which is incredibly safe. 

Knob Handle Sets

commercial knob handle set
Commercial & Residential Knob Handle Sets in San Jose

Various types of handle sets exist, and a knob handle set happens to be one of those. As expected, it is very similar to the lever handle set, but instead of using a press-down lever, it is fitted with a knob for gripping and turning.  

Privacy Door Knobs

privacy door knobs in San Jose
Privacy door knobs service

Privacy doorknobs are much like privacy levers. Again, you would find them on doors to rooms that require privacy, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Only an emergency key from the outside can open such a knob, and some of them may not even have an external key area. 

Passage Door Knobs

Passage door knob in San Jose
Passage doorknob service in San Jose

Passage door knobs are the final area of coverage, and they serve the same purpose as passage door levers. Of course, the difference is that you grip and turn them as opposed to pressing them down. There are no locks present, so while you can close the doors, you will not be able to lock them. 


What Is a Lever Lock Door Handle?

A lever lock door handle is a locking mechanism that uses a lever to complete the opening process when the lock is in its released state. They provide excellent alternatives to knob handles because of the lack of a grip tension requirement to open them.

If you are looking for an ergonomic option or find that knob lock door handles make you uncomfortable, a lever lock door handle is your best bet. Of course, levers are not only suited to one kind of lock type. Feel free to combine your lever with combination locks, regular mortice locks, etc. 

How Do You Secure a Lever Door Handle?

If you are a lever door handle that comes loose, you will find it quite annoying, especially if you do not bother to fix it. Thankfully, it only requires about 10 minutes and some essential tools to get the job done.

Use an Allen key or screwdriver (can be found at any dollar store) to remove the set screw at the bottom of the door lever so you can slip the lever handle off the rod. Look along the rod surface to find the groove where the screw is to be secured. Put the handle back in place while aligning the groove with the set screw hole. 

Next, start reinserting the screw and tightening it firmly. Finally, please do the same on the opposite side of the door lever, which should leave it tight and secure. 

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How Do You Unlock a Lever Handle Lock Without a Key?

You are going to need some wire shaped into a hook to get going. Use pliers to get the shape of the first one. The second it needs to be easier to grip while being longer and thicker. You want the end of this one to have an “S” shape.

Ensure the work area is lit to begin. The first wire goes into the keyhole, and you need to move it around until it secures on the lever. Once done, pull the wire upward to raise the latch. 

Now, you insert the second wire to the point that it fits into the keyhole snug and rotate clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the door. Once the deadbolt moves, move the handle, and the door is unlocked. 

How Do You Remove a Lever Lock Handle?

First, you need to remove the plate surrounding the lever handle by twisting or prying with a flatbed screwdriver. Once you have exposed the screws, use a Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew them.

Next, stick one end of a straightened paper clip into the lever’s pinhole, which springs the lock lease button. Then, remove any fasteners and pop the lever out of the door. 

If you are looking for premier locksmith services in San Jose, there is no better option than Buddy’s Locksmith.

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