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Have you ever panicked when you couldn’t find your keys? It happens more often than you think, and most people have good endings (locating them).

However, what happens if you’re locked out of the house with no spare key? Some people have spare keys, but they can’t easily access them. For example, you may have given one to your mom, but she’s on vacation, and you can’t get in touch with her.

A lock and key set is what protects your home, but what happens when you lose the key? That means you need a Capitola mobile locksmith, and we’re here to help!

residential locksmith services

Capitola Residential Locksmith

Calling a residential locksmith is essential. They can do so many things, such as:

  • Rekey locks
  • Provide key replacements
  • Perform a lock change
  • Change locks on door areas (front and back for most homes)

Have you asked your friends, “Is there a locksmith near me?” The great news is we are here to help. As your local locksmith, we handle a variety of things. Call us for lockout service when you lock your door keys in the car or house!

Deadbolts are great locks that can be used in every home!

However, we can also assist with door latch problems, padlock issues, and much more. Do you have a smart lock? Our technicians have the training to deal with those concerns, too!

Jimmy Proof Locks are great for inside the home locks for more protection!

Locksmithing isn’t an easy task, but most people feel that they can do it themselves. Instead, it’s best to call the nearest locksmith to change locks on house doors.

Top Guard is for making it harder to pick your lock

Your door lock is important to keep out thieves and protect your belongings. If the deadbolt no longer works, please call your Bay Area locksmith. We’re here to assist!

Doorknob Locks are the most basic locks

With that, we also offer master lock key replacement for landlords. You often have one key that opens everything on the property to make life easier. If you lose it or break it, we can help you rekey it!

Lever Handle Locks great locks for residential

commercial locks

Capitola Commercial Locksmith

Commercial properties require more security than homes in most cases. However, what happens when your commercial locks are damaged? You may have lost the keys or have other issues that you can’t take care of yourself.

Cylinders are some of the most important pieces to a lock!

In that case, consider hiring a Capitola locksmith!

Mortise Lockset is made for high-level security.

Many commercial properties use the Schlage locks because they’re more durable and stronger than others. There are many styles and options on the market, even though this brand has been around since 1929!

Keyless Locks are powerful for commercial buildings!

Still, it’s easy to lose the keys, and you don’t know what to do. You can’t get into the building or area because you’re now locked out.

Don’t worry about a thing because we can rekey Schlage lock systems effortlessly. It’s no wonder that companies everywhere call for our services. Plus, we arrive on time and quickly to help with your issue.

Are you a company owner that has asked, “Is there a locksmith in my area?” You’ve found one, and we’re the best locksmiths in town. With us on your side, there’s never a lock you can’t open, even if you don’t have the key or comCbination!

Our services range from unlocking front/back doors to getting into closets and other places. Don’t hesitate to call when you need us.

residential front door lock

Capitola Automotive Locksmith

What does an automotive locksmith do? Well, the answer depends on what you need. Sometimes, we’re called mobile locksmiths because we can go to your location.

Clearly, you can’t come to us if you locked the keys in the vehicle or have lost the car keys. With our car unlock service, you’re back in your vehicle and on your way quickly.

There are many reasons to need a car locksmith. For example, what happens if you do lose the keys? You might find them in a cubby or corner of the house at some point, but you can’t wait that long.

What if you don’t find them at all?! A car key replacement session gives you new keys, and we can also change the locks within some systems. That way, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your vehicle because they found the keys at the supermarket or another public place.

We are also car key makers, which means we can create new keys if you’ve lost or damaged yours. You may not realize it, but it’s quite common to break off the key in the ignition or door. When that happens, the only way to take care of it is to call an auto locksmith!

car ignition locksmith services

Emergency Locksmith in Capitola

What is an emergency locksmith? Are they different than regular locksmiths? We get these questions a lot, and the true answer is no. There’s really no difference, especially when you call us.

Typically, a 24-hour locksmith is available anytime, even if it’s 3 a.m. Regular locksmiths might have set hours, such as 9-5 Monday through Friday. However, we understand that sometimes, you lock yourself out of your house or car outside of those times.

Therefore, when you call us, we answer immediately. If you’re out and about and lock the keys in the car, it’s an emergency. Likewise, if you’re at home and lock yourself out of your house, it’s essential to get help immediately.

We’re your go-to locksmiths in the area, and make sure that we answer the phone when you call. Plus, we can get there within an hour or so, depending on where you are located and where our technicians are at the time.

Choosing a Yelp locksmith means getting quality service at a fair price. We make sure you get both and that you’re happy with our work. There’s no reason to worry or be scared because you can’t get into your home or car because we’re ready to serve when you call!


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Issy the Locksmith

Since 2003, Issy is fixing locks & keys. Locksmithing has been his favorite hobby since childhood. Now Issy is one of the best locksmith technicians in the Bay Area.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask Issy via our contact form.

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About Capitola

While Capitola is a very safe place to live, it’s still worrisome when you’re locked out of your home or car. There are many reasons why that can happen, and you’re panicked. Often, you’re not thinking straight, but locksmith services are the first thing to consider.

With so many restaurants and beach stores in the area, it’s easy to get excited about running into town. However, this also means you might forget and leave the keys in the car. With that, losing them is a real possibility.

There’s no need to worry if you have us on your side. Make sure you put our number in your phone and call when locked out of your home/car!