Locksmith Cupertino, CA

Have you ever lost car keys or needed to change locks on door products around the house? If not, you’re one of the rare lucky ones because it happens very frequently. That’s why you have various local locksmith companies out there.

What makes us the best? Well, if you’re looking for Locksmith services in Cupertino, we have you covered with various locksmith services. For example, we’re here for emergencies and can help with your automotive, commercial, and residential needs. Please call us when you require assistance; we’re the top-rated Yelp locksmith and are there to help you.

Doorknob Locks are important for a home!

Cupertino Residential Locksmith

Deadbolt Locks are essential locks for homes!

When you are locked out of your Cupertino’s house, that’s not the best time to ask friends, “Is there a locksmith near me?” However, that’s what happens because you don’t think about these services until you’re locked out and need help.

Exceptional Cylinders are what make your lock so much harder to pick!

With us, we’re right on time and offer same-day services. These include:

  • Smart lock assistance
  • Door lock repair
  • Padlock cutting or rekeying
  • New deadbolt keys
  • Repairs to the door latch
  • Lock change assistance
  • Master lock key replacement
  • Rekey locks

What is a rekey situation? This is where you have a lock and key (often on the house), but you lost the keys. We can create new ones to open those same locks. However, we also offer to change locks on the house.

Jimmy Proof Locks are amazing for keeping homes safe!

There can be times where this is essential. For example, if your roommate didn’t return the keys before moving, you don’t want them to come back and take things. With that, landlords often require this service, too.

Smart Door locks are impossible to pick!

Our lockout service is second-to-none, and we always make sure that you get appropriate key replacements that work the first time correctly. There’s no risk of inserting the key and finding that it doesn’t open the door anymore. We take care of everything for you!

Top Guard is another security layer for your lock!


What are the typical hours for your services?What are the typical hours for your services?

We work 24/7, so you can call us any time of the day or night.

What happens if I'm locked out?What happens if I’m locked out?

Depending on the situation, you may just need to call out a locksmith, or you could be risking theft or violence. Lockouts are stressful and need to happen as soon as possible.

Does your service cost more at night?

Does your service cost more at night?

No worries if it gets late – our rates stay the same after-hours as they do during the daytime. We charge by the job instead of time which saves you some money too!

How far does your company go for lockout services?How far does your company go for lockout services?

You can count on Buddy’s Locksmiths for availability in Cupertino and surrounding areas, including Los Altos, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Fremont, and San Jose!

What are your rates?What are your rates?

We provide low rates for residential lockout services in Cupertino. Buddy’s team wants to make it easy for you to choose our company when you need these services. Call us today!


When should I call in advance for repairs, lock change, or rekeying?When should I call in advance for repairs, lock change, or rekeying?

There may be times when you need a locksmith for repairs, lock changes, and rekeys. If the task will take longer than an hour and there’s a chance that your company will not be available to come out, then we advise that advance notice is provided.

Do you have a 24-hour emergency locksmith service?Do you have a 24-hour emergency locksmith service?

Buddy’s Locksmith is here for emergencies and can help with your automotive, commercial, and residential needs 24/7. Please call Buddy’s when you require assistance; we’re the top-rated Google & Yelp locksmith and are there to help you.

replacement keys at my home or businessCan you provide replacement keys at my home or business if I lost them somewhere else?

Yes. As long as you know the make and model of the lock, we can most likely provide the keys to open it.

replace doorknobs and deadbolts on doorsHow much does it cost to replace doorknobs and deadbolts on doors at my residence in Cupertino, CA?

For most doorknobs and deadbolts, installation is between $60-$120 per door knob set plus an additional charge for materials.

residential locksmith near me in cupertino
Residential locksmith services in Cupertino

Cupertino Commercial Locksmith

Your Cupertino locksmith can also help with commercial properties. There may come a time where you break off a key in the door. Some businesses use intelligent locking systems that use electricity and unique cards. If it goes haywire, we’re here to assist!

Mortise Lockset is a great way to keep a specific office safe!

However, we are most famous (and specialized) because we can rekey Schlage lock systems. Companies often use these because they’re solid and durable. That way, you are protected and can feel confident that people can’t get into the business.

Combination Lock is a great way to make your commercial office feel that much safer!

Still, losing these keys can be problematic and make you panic. Instead, call us. Our team is there to assist you.

Use your phone instead of a key with Keyless Locks.

If you’re wondering, “Is there a locksmith in my area?” there is! We’re right there to serve you and can handle a variety of commercial locks.

What do we do for commercial property owners? Here’s a shortlist:

  • Master keying
  • Rekeying
  • Door services (install, repair, and replace door frames, door closers, hinges, and emergency exits)
  • Access control systems
  • High-security locking mechanisms
  • Cabinet or desk locks
  • Panic hardware
  • Key cutting
  • Much more

If you recently fired someone, it’s a good idea to wipe their access code (electrical locking systems) or change the locks on all external doors. That way, they can’t get back in and do damage to your company.

Lever Handle Locks make it more convenient to close and open doors

Likewise, if someone loses a key, it’s best to get the locks changed. That way, you don’t risk the critical getting into the wrong hands!

commercial locksmith services cupertino
Commercial locksmith near me in Cupertino

Cupertino Automotive Locksmith

When do you need to call a car locksmith? There are many reasons, but most people do so for a car unlock service. This is where you’ve locked your keys in your vehicle and can’t gain access to them.

High-Security Cylinders is what makes your luck much safer!

Sometimes, this happens when the car is running. You are so used to hitting the “lock” button and slamming the door. However, you forgot that you were warming it up or left something in the house and ran back in without shutting off the ignition.

When that’s the case, you need an auto locksmith to help you! Please call us today!

Car key replacement is another common reason to rely on a mobile locksmith. If you lost your keys, we could create new ones. This is a great way to get a spare set made so that this doesn’t happen again. Typically, it would help if you kept an extra car key in your purse or wallet, but you can also leave it with a family member you trust.

We’re excellent car key makers and can assist with this and many other services.

Generally, an automotive locksmith can also:

  • Extract keys from the ignition
  • Intelligent key programming/duplication
  • Much more

Emergency Mobile Locksmith

While locksmithing seems easy, it’s not. Your emergency locksmith is skilled in handling locks on various things, such as cars, windows, safes, and doors. They can also install, adjust, and repair locks in office buildings, cars, and anywhere else.

As 24-hour locksmiths, we do all the things that a traditional professional does. However, we’re also available anytime you need us. Call at 2 a.m. and talk to a live person. Plus, we can send someone to your location immediately!

Typically, people only realize they’re locked out of their cars when they try to get back in and go home. You might be at work, at the club, or leaving a restaurant. Regardless, you’re now upset and panicked while wondering what to do.

Don’t worry! Your Bay Area locksmith is here to assist. We recommend keeping our phone number on your device. That way, you’re not searching online to find us when you need us most!

Our emergency services can include:

  • Lost keys
  • Locked out of the house/car
  • Change the locks
  • Replace the locks
  • Repair doors and locking mechanisms

That’s not all, though. Would you please call us if you’ve got any issue with a lock? Buddy’s Locksmith can be there on the same day to serve you.

emergency car locksmith in cupertino
Emergency locksmith near me in Cupertino

Customer reviews

House Lock Change - Emma W.House Lock Change – Emma W. – Cupertino, CA

“Wow! I was impressed by Buddy’s Locksmith technician. Not only that he change my house lock combination to perfect, but he also cleaned up after the job was done. I highly recommend them!

– Emma W. – Cupertino, CA

Car key replacement - Washington L.Car key replacement – Washington L. – Cupertino, CA

“I’m very satisfied with the result. Buddy’s Locksmith did their job professionally. The locksmith arrived on time at my place, and he quickly handled my car key replacement problem. Highly recommended!”

– Washington L. – Cupertino, CA

Emergency Lockout Services - Mark P.Emergency Lockout Services – Mark P. – Cupertino

“Buddy’s Locksmith is highly recommended. I had an emergency lockout service this morning, and the locksmith came in time to my home. He was nice enough to take care of it right away!!”

– Mark P. – San Jose, CA

house lockout services - Kevin O.
Kevin O.

House lockout services – Kevin O. – Cupertino, CA

“last night I forgot the keys on the table while running outside to look up for my child. I found the boy, but I was locked out as a result. Thanks Buddy’s Locksmith, as they responded fast and took care of my house lockout situation. Highly recommend!”

– Kevin O. – Cupertino, CA

Car Lock Rekeying & Repair - Jason T.Car Lock Rekeying & Repair – Jason T. – Cupertino, CA

“If you need a car lock rekeying service or repair work in San Jose, please call Buddy’s Locksmith. They have expert technicians in this area. I was pleased with the service I received!”

– Jason T. – San Jose, CA

Emergency Residential Locksmith - Alan B.Emergency Residential Locksmith – Alan B. – Cupertino, CA

I am very impressed with the performance of Buddy’s Locksmith technicians. Not only they were professional, but also courteous and friendly towards my issue. I highly recommend them!

– Alan B. – Los Gatos, CA

Master key system installation - Jenn S. - Cupertino, CAMaster key system installation – Jenn S. – Cupertino, CA

“I needed more control over my car washing business. Many doors are for public use, but there are some that only staff can go through and a couple that only I have to access. I’m glad I found Buddy’s Locksmith as they were able to install a master key system for my company. It was quick and hassle-free!”

– Jenn S. – Cupertino, CA

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Issy the Locksmith
Issy the Locksmith

Since 2003, Issy is fixing locks & keys. Locksmithing has been his favorite hobby since childhood. Now Issy is one of the best locksmith technicians in the Bay Area.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask Issy via our contact form.

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Cupertino is found in Silicon Valley, which is a trendy and populated area. It has tons of parks and trails to enjoy, and you probably want to visit the various museums and the historic center.

With so much to do in Cupertino, it’s easy to get so excited and lock your keys in the car. On top of that, you may rush out of the house without the keys. Regardless, it would help if you had the nearest locksmith, and we are here to help. Whenever you call, we find out the problem and dispatch a friendly, professional locksmith to your location.

Though the area is safe, you’re always worried when things don’t go your way. Call today to request service from a reputable locksmith!