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What do you do with a locked out-of-house situation or lost car keys? If that happens, you usually panic and worry about what to do. However, when you choose a Fremont locksmith, there’s no reason to get upset.

We can help with a variety of issues and offer many locksmith services. It’s a great idea to program our number into your phone so that you always know who to call.

That way, you’re never at a loss to asking friends, “Is there a locksmith in my area?” You already know the answer is yes!

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Fremont Residential Locksmith

Doorknob Locks are made for the inside of your home!

Locksmithing comes in many forms, and most people require a local locksmith who can get them back into their homes if they lock themselves out.

Jimmy Proof Lock is amazing for people who need more security!

We offer many lock and key services, and some relate to fixing the broken components of the door lock. With that, we can also help you unlock your padlock, deadbolt, and much more.

If that weren’t enough, you might find that your door latch doesn’t work or open. We can fix the issue so that it doesn’t keep happening. When you insert your key, the lock turns effortlessly!

Are you looking for a high-quality door lock Cylinder? Call Buddy’s Locksmith!

That’s not all we do, though. We can change locks on the house, which is great if your boyfriend/girlfriend leaves or gets a new roommate. However, our lockout service is the most popular. You can quickly get back into your house without an issue.

Smart door locks allow you to open your door with your phone!

Landlords often use our services when they have to change locks on the door. Most people sign a one-year lease, which means you want to update the waves each time. Even if they bring back the key, you don’t know if they made another one without your knowledge. It’s best to be safe!

Top Guard adds another layer to your lock to make it harder for people to break in!

With that, we also offer a master lock key replacement. Master locks allow you to have one key that opens all the units and other areas of the property. However, if you lost it, consider having it replaced. This might also mean a lock change, depending on your specific needs!

Lever Handle Lock makes the entry easier and more convinent!
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Fremont Commercial Locksmith

As your top locksmith in Fremont, we can help with various commercial locks. It doesn’t matter what system you use, and we also work with electronic access control options.

High-Security Cylinders are very important in a lock!

That way, you are never worried about someone entering your property unannounced. What’s more, you can use our services to help rekey locks. That means that you keep the same door hardware (latch, etc.), but we change the inner workings slightly so that the old key doesn’t work.

Keyless Locks help improve security of any commercial building!

This is ideal if you fire someone or someone loses their keys. Along with that, we offer key replacements if that’s a necessity for you.

While we do all types of rekeying, most people ask us to rekey Schlage lock systems. They’re often used in commercial properties because they’re durable and robust.

What is Mortise Lockset? Click Here to learn!

Security is your top priority, and with us by your side, you always get appropriate service at the right time. You can call and ask for advice on what you should do based on your current situation. We’re always here to help!

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Fremont Automotive Locksmith

While commercial and residential locksmiths are always in high demand, so is a car locksmith. These professionals can help with a variety of concerns. For example, many cars now use a smart locks system. That means your key fob unlocks the doors. However, they often have issues with the programming. We can help you take care of that!

Your auto locksmith can also help with car key replacement. What happens if you break your key off in the ignition or door? Well, first, we must extract the broken piece. However, you can’t use that key again.

Don’t worry, though! As your mobile locksmith, we can fashion you a new one! Plus, we offer competitive rates and can get the work done on the same day (in most cases.). There’s no reason to worry when you have us as your car key makers.

However, the top reason to use an automotive locksmith is for a car unlock service. It’s easy to leave your keys in the car. You’ve probably done it when you’re pressed for time or have a lot on your mind. Slam the door, and only then do you realize the keys are still hanging in the ignition. We’re here to assist, so don’t panic.

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Emergency Mobile Locksmith

Why do you need an emergency locksmith? There are many reasons, and we’ve discussed many of them. For example, if you’re locked out of your home or car, you could need assistance immediately.

It’s not like you want to wait outside in the heat or rain until your friend gets off work and can bring the spare. Alternatively, you don’t want to try to get inside yourself because that can damage your property.

With a 24 hour locksmith, you can call anytime the need arises. We’re here for you, regardless of the day or time. That means you can request service on holiday. Along with that, we don’t price gouge, so you get a fair price each time you use our services.

Have you asked your friends, “Is there a locksmith near me?” They probably mentioned us! We always want you to feel comfortable and compare us to other Bay Area locksmith companies. However, you’re bound to choose us because of our many services, quick response times, and skills to handle your lock issue swiftly.

We don’t tell you what constitutes an emergency because it differs based on you. Being locked out of the car in Fremont or house is a big deal, especially if you have things to do. Likewise, you may be in a rush to change the locks so that a new tenant can move in!


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Issy the Locksmith

Since 2003, Issy is fixing locks & keys. Locksmithing has been his favorite hobby since childhood. Now Issy is one of the best locksmith technicians in the Bay Area.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask Issy via our contact form.

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When you need the best, you choose a Yelp locksmith like us. Yes, Fremont is a great place to live and is right in the Bay Area. Plus, in Fremont, there are so many fun things to do. However, that also means you might be rushing around and lock yourself out of the house (or car).

Don’t worry! When you call the nearest locksmith, we are right on time and offer same-day service. Whether it’s an emergency or you realized your mistake while heading into the office building, we are there to assist. Please call Buddy’s Locksmith to find out how we can serve you.