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You’re having a family BBQ in Gilroy, and one of your kids asks you for the car keys to visit a friend. That’s when you realize they’re missing. What did you do with them?
Your start searching everywhere, and you realize that your car keys are hanging from the ignition switch, but the car is locked.
Now would be the perfect time to google for an “auto locksmith near me” or perhaps “locked keys in my car” instead of breaking into your car and having to replace a broken window for hundreds of dollars. We have the best locksmith services in Gilroy and can help with any lock and key situation you might have!

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Gilroy Residential Locksmith

Doorknob Locks are great for inside-the-home!

What does a residential locksmith do? Well, if you choose us as your local locksmith, we offer many services. These include:

Deadbolt Locks are perfect for residentia!

Key replacements – Most people don’t want to risk it if they lost their keys, but a replacement key is an excellent idea if yours was broken off in the lock. With that, you may want a spare key to have in case of an emergency. We recommend that you keep one in your purse or wallet. Consider giving one to a trusted family member or friend for safe-keeping, too.

High-Security Cylinders make your opener that much better!

Rekey locks – Sometimes, it’s cheaper to rekey the locks instead of installing a new locking system. We make sure the old key doesn’t work in the lock and give you replacements!

Jimmy Proof Locks are lockes for extra protection!

Lock change – There are many reasons to change locks on door systems. Often, we are called in for change locks on house situations where a roommate or spouse is no longer living there.

With Smart door locks you can open the door with just your finger!

Lockout service – It’s pretty standard for people to get locked out of the house, and there’s no reason to be embarrassed. Just call us for assistance, and we’re there the same day!

Top Guard adds another layer of protection to your lock!

Various door lock services – Though most people call us when they’re locked out of the house, we offer other benefits, too. We can unlock a padlock or deadbolt when you’ve lost the key, handle door latch repairs, and so much more. If it relates to the door or lock, we can help. Please call to get advice today!
Master lock key replacement – Many landlords and owners of large properties choose to have a master key system to unlock every door in the place. It saves a lot of time, but if you need a new key made, we’re here to assist!

Lever Handle Locks makes opening and closing the door with more ease!

Gilroy Commercial Locksmith

When it comes to commercial locks, you require a qualified Yelp locksmith. We have you covered and offer many services. For example, you may need us to rekey Schlage lock systems. Companies often use these because they’re more robust and more durable.

The cylinder is a key part of your lock! Would you like to learn more?

Your Gilroy’s property’s security and safety are crucial, and with our locksmithing services, you get everything you need.

Have you ever opened a lock with your phone? Well you can with Keyless Locks

We can also assist with electronic access control systems. Usually, they require a card to use, and there can be different issues with them. Just call us if yours is on the fritz, and we make sure that it’s working correctly once more.

Mortise Lockset is a large and heavy lock but a strong one!

With that, we can also replace keys that you lost, rekey locks throughout the building, and change locks when needed. That way, if you fire an employee or someone quits, they don’t continue to have access to the property.

These are just a few lock and key of the things we can do. Please call with your specific request or need. Our team is happy to help!

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Gilroy Automotive Locksmith

Your automotive locksmith is there to help with:

Most cars have an automatic unlock system, where you touch a button on a fob or get close enough with it to open the door. However, it can go haywire, and you need a car locksmith with the skills to know what to do.

We can help with that and many other issues. Most people call an auto locksmith for car unlock service requests. That’s where you lock your keys in the car and need help retrieving them. Though it’s easy to think you can save money by using a coat hanger to try and unlock the vehicle, it’s best to call a mobile locksmith instead!

You’re sure to appreciate that we’re the top car key makers in the area. This means that if you want a spare key, broke off the key, or lost it, Buddy’s Locksmith can make a new one with ease.

Generally, car locks are different from what you find on houses and commercial properties. That’s why Gilroy residents should choose us for their car door lock requirements!

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Emergency Locksmith

When do you need an emergency locksmith? Some people think you can only call after hours if you’re in a bad neighborhood or it’s 2 a.m. While those are excellent reasons, you may rely on a 24-hour locksmith for every situation.

Most people want the nearest locksmith so that they’re not waiting for many hours. If you lock yourself out of the house, you don’t want to sit on the steps that long.

The same applies to a vehicle lockout. What if it’s running? It’s not feasible to wait long to get service.

Have you asked your friends, “Is there a locksmith in my area?” There are plenty of them, but you want the best available. When you call us, you know you’re getting the best service possible, and we have fair prices, too.

We let you know what it costs before you use our service. That way, you know what’s coming and aren’t shocked when you get the bill.

Whether you want to rekey the house immediately or prefer to change the locks so that an old tenant can’t come back in, we have you covered. There’s no reason why you can’t choose an emergency locksmith whenever you need assistance with a lock!


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Issy the Locksmith

Since 2003, Issy is fixing locks & keys. Locksmithing has been his favorite hobby since childhood. Now Issy is one of the best locksmith technicians in the Bay Area.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask Issy via our contact form.

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Gilroy is a beautiful city in Santa Clara County. It’s full of historic sites and things to do. With that, though, you may find yourself so excited to get out there and enjoy life. All that rushing might cause you to lock the keys in the car or house, misplace them, and more. If that happens, call your trusted Gilroy locksmith. We can be there soon and take care of the situation quickly.

With us as your Bay Area locksmith, you can live comfortably without fear of locking yourself out, breaking off a key, or anything else. Please call today to request service.