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Doorknob Locks are MAINLY great for inside the home!

When looking for a “locksmith near me” service, don’t think you’re too far out for something. Our team at Buddy’s Locksmith will be there for all your 24-hour locksmith needs. Whether you’re right on the Cabrillo Parkway or you’re a little further off on San Mateo Road, we can bring our mobile locksmith service to you. Our service vehicles have all the equipment necessary for your needs, whether entry door locks or a car key replacement.

Mortise Lockset is a great lockset for offices!

Buddy’s Locksmith Offers the Best Locksmith Service

You can trust us at Buddy’s Locksmith if you need help with the locks and keys at your Half Moon Bay home, business, or vehicle. We offer the best customer service around with competitive pricing you can afford. We guarantee everything we do at Buddy’s Locksmith, so contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your property. Would you please get back to enjoying your life in Half Moon Bay without worrying about whether your locks are working?

Do you need more protection? Get a Jimmy Proof Lock!

Our local locksmiths at Buddy’s Locksmith will manage all your locksmith needs. We offer a 24-hour locksmith service that will handle all your needs. For more than ten years, Buddy’s Locksmith has been offering quality locksmith services to people throughout Half Moon Bay and the Bay Area.

Smart door locks are great for any door!

Locked Out of Your Car? We Can Help

Contact us at Buddy’s Locksmith if you’re ever locked out of your car. Today’s vehicles work where you can’t use a wire coat hanger to open a lock anymore. Besides, you could risk damaging your doors and scratching your paint that way. Our automotive locksmith service at Buddy’s Locksmith will help you open your car door without risking thousands of dollars in damages.

Need more security? Keyless Locks are exactly what you need!

Our mobile locksmith service will open your car through one of many methods:

Do you need something to protect your lock even more? Get Top Gard!

  • We can reprogram your keyless entry system to unlock your car in moments.
  • We can use a broken key extractor if a key has broken off inside your vehicle. Our team can also make a new key on site.
  • A key analyzer or decoder may also work when opening a car with a keyless door. We’ll use a pivotal cutter to produce a new key that your vehicle can read.

Commercial Locks are made for buildings or schools!

Do You Need A New Ignition switch installed?

The ignition switch can be done unprofessionally, and that can lead to problems. The ignition switch produces the power necessary for getting your vehicle up and running. A problem with the switch will prevent the car from getting the power it needs to work. Most people think their car batteries are dead and need replacing when this happens, but the ignition switch is the problem.

We at Buddy’s locksmith can repair the ignition switch in your car. We can recover the parts and then install a new switch. We will put everything back together after we finish. It can take about twenty to thirty minutes to complete the process.

What can making opening a door more conferrable is our Lever Handle Lock!

Residential Locksmith

Cylinders are a critical part of a lock!

Your home in Half Moon Bay is a critical investment, as the city has some of the most luxurious homes in the Bay Area. But the locks can break down after a while. Sometimes the components inside a lock might break apart and keep your keys from working. You might also have an old key that breaks apart and gets stuck in your lock.

Moving to a new house? Replace your deadbolt locks!

You wouldn’t want to risk damaging your property by trying to break into your home or take apart your door and other features if you’re ever locked out. You can contact our 24-hour locksmith services if you are locked out of your house. We at Buddy’s Locksmith can produce a new key for your home, or we can extract a broken key from a lock. We can also replace broken locks as necessary.

Buddy’s Locksmith Can Install Smart Door Locks

We at Buddy’s Locksmith can also install smart door locks for your Half Moon Bay home or business. Smart locks are keyless solutions you can open with a smartphone or a Bluetooth link. We can also reprogram your entry door locks if you have any issues with them or you need to keep your property secure.

An important part of a lock is it’s High-Security Cylinders!

Buddy’s Locksmith Install Keyless Entry Systems

Perhaps you need a keyless entry system that uses a code, or maybe you need something that responds to a wireless key fob. We can install and program new keyless entry systems for your convenience. We also offer reprogramming services for when these setups struggle to work.

Need a New Key Fob? Buddy’s Locksmith Can Help

We can do more than handle physical keys at Buddy’s Locksmith, as we can also program new key fobs. We will program new codes for your key fobs and remove your vehicle’s computer’s old critical fob programming data. It can take one and a half or more hours for us to complete the work. The timing will vary surrounding the complexity of the vehicle.


Picture of Issy the Locksmith
Issy the Locksmith

Since 2003, Issy is fixing locks & keys. Locksmithing has been his favorite hobby since childhood. Now Issy is one of the best locksmith technicians in the Bay Area.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask Issy via our contact form.

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