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Tools that every locksmith should have

Locksmith tools

Lock Picks

When you begin learning how to pick locks, you’ll discover there are a lot of ways to improve your experience. For example, picking a lock in your hand is all well and good, but until you’ve tried a vice, you won’t realize how different it is – or how effectively a vice replicates the feel of a lock in a door.

It’s important to remember that not all vices are the same, and picking locks in your hand isn’t always fun.

pick standard locks

Usually, it’s easy to pick standard locks as Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale. But there are locks that cannot be picked at all, such as grade 2 and grade 1 locks. This is what makes professional locksmiths in San Jose an asset to every person, corporation. The business put up by them. A good set of lock picking tools are needed because they are often quite small and can get lost easily.

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Lock pick tools

Lock pick tools

Here’s a comprehensive list of locksmith tools you’ll need to get started in lock picking. Here are some locks, picks, and other essentials that will help you bring your lockpicking to the next level.

  • ABS Tool Magic Blade
  • Clear Heat-shrink Lock Pick Sleeves
  • Dangerfield Lock Pick Roll Case
  • Dangerfield’s Lock Pick Mitt
  • Key impressions for lockpicking using a METAL KEY GRIP
  • FRAMON Metal Key Grip
  • Goso Lock Plug Spinner
  • GOSO Pen Style Plug Spinner
  • Rubber Lock Pick Grips with High Strength Foam is more comfortable to grip owing to the ergonomic design.
  • LAB Lock Pinning Mat
  • Blank picks
  • Plug + Followers Set
  • Replacement Pick Gun Needles
  • Southord and H&H Jacknives Replacement Screw
  • Klom Pick Guns Spare Needles

House Locksmith Tools

House Locksmith Tools

When you need a locksmith in your area, it is important to find one that has the resources and knowledge. This also includes updated equipment. They should also have all of the necessary tools in order to be able to finish their work.

Lock pick tools are very important for any locksmith in this area. These are some of the tools that they will need in order to get the job done right. You will also want them to have lock picks, pads, sleeves, and many more items.

Some of the most important items include replacement needles for picking guns, needles for Klom picking guns, replacement screws for jackknives, plug followers set, spare needles for Brockhage picking machines, and plug spinner. These are all important to have on hand for any locksmith in this area.

locksmith's supplies

Some of the most important items which should be included in a professional locksmith’s supplies include heat-shrink lock picking sleeves and magic blade ABS tools. Having many of these will enable them to better serve their clients and meet their needs in a more efficient way.

There are key impressioning kits, plug spinners, and lock pinning mats that can be used to get the job done. These are important aspects that should be included in any locksmith’s toolkit. There are also many other items available that can help them get their work done quickly and easily.

Car lockout

Car lockout with a Bypass Tool

The bypass tool allows a professional locksmith to open your car door a little bit, just to be able to insert a rod through the window and pop your car door handle to open the door. Some will use a harmless plastic lever wedge instead of a bypass pillow. This allows keeping the door closed, just opening it enough to insert a slim tool through to pop the handle.

The car lockout kit should include the following things:

  1. A thin steel rod with a flat end.
  2. Double-sided butyl rubber adhesive tape for attaching wedge under the window.
  3. Needlepoint pliers for grabbing and releasing the car door lock.
  4. A strong fine-wire vice grip for holding the end of the rod to insert it into your car window.
  5. Locksmith’s slim wedges.
  6. Autolock bypass keys such as rosetta keys or pitagora keys which you can use to unlock your car.
  7. Vice-grips or tweezers for holding keys.
  8. A wire, string, strong thread that you can use to tie the window open.
  9. A long thin wires; steel wire with a loop on one end and flat end on the other; interdental brushes (those tiny narrow bristle-tipped brushes in a plastic case used to clean between teeth).
  10. A thin strip of strong, flexible steel metal for popping the window lock button.
  11. Chain tool rosetta or pitagora (for older cars without slimline locksets)
  12. Replacement key. An emergency replacement car key to get your car started.

Bypass Tool

Don’t forget to bring extra supplies so you can finish the job, including towels for soaking up excess window-washer fluid in case it comes squirting out when inserting the wedge; light plastic coveralls to protect yourself from any slippery fluids that might come spraying out of your door lock; disposable latex gloves.

Is it possible for a locksmith to get into safes?

A locksmith can only unlock a lockbox safe. Regular locksmiths (and apprentices) may not be able to open safes and vaults since they are equipped with more complex locks. Opening a regular safe or vault is the job of a safes and vaults technician. They have the essential tools and materials needed to open complicated locks.

Key decoders

Key decoders

Every Locksmith carries many Kwikset-Schlage-Weiser-Weslock Key Decoders in his mobile locksmith lab. When you come to a locksmith to get your key decoded, some of them will be able to decode within a minute.

However, with car keys, if he cannot read it by some means, then he has to take the lock apart and use a decoding machine that can do this sort of work. Such machines may cost one thousand dollars and more.

They often carry decoder rings that can decode almost all contemporary keyways, including car keys.

Key Duplication

Is it possible to duplicate a key from a code number?

A locksmith cannot copy every lock or key in the world. There are many brands of locks that must be ordered from the manufacturer. And it could take weeks, even months, to get a lock or key duplicated and returned to you. (There are exceptions, though: some manufacturers will provide locksmiths with duplicate keys.)

duplicate a key

What is better deadbolt or knob locks?

Professional locksmiths will tell you that deadbolt locks are heavier and more expensive than knob locks. You can choose either one, depending on your budget and how long the door has to last.

There are some locksmiths who do not know much about door hardware and will suggest a single cylinder deadbolt because it is heavier, not understanding that what makes a door heavy is the thickness of the wood surrounding it.

However, if your customer knows that having a deadbolt on his door is not always necessary since thieves prefer to kick in doors they believe are more flimsy and easier to break down, then his choice would be a knob lock.

burglars out of my house

What’s the best way to keep burglars out of my house?

There is no such thing as an unbreakable lock, or that can prevent criminals from entering your home. However, there are locksmiths who know how to install deadbolts, door jambs, and window locks that can offer better protection than most other types of locks available.

What is a “bump key”?

Bumping is a method specially mastered by criminals who are up to no good. You see, bumping takes advantage of property owners that use electronic keys with transponders and offer more convenience and security.

However, criminals bump the key near the lock to signal that this is a legitimate key, which unlocks the bolt automatically. This allows thieves to use regular keys–keys without any transponder inside them–and open properties with easy access.

Locksmiths consider bumping as one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a lock–and to your home. In fact, bumping is now considered burglary and is punishable by law.

bump key

What are the differences between a locksmith and a safe technician?

A locksmith is responsible for installing, maintaining, repairing, and servicing locks, keys, and other keyless entry devices. On the other hand, safe technicians are responsible for repairing and servicing safes and vaults–and opening them if necessary.

Of course, locksmiths will be able to open safes but not every Locksmith can do it. This is because some safe repair companies may not send any of their people on training courses specifically on how to open safes!

The most common mistake is that locksmiths will drill the safe and destroy all its internal mechanisms. Drilling actually shatters everything inside, making it impossible for a safe technician to attempt to repair the safe at all.

pick a locksmith

What’s the best way to choose a locksmith?

For starters, you should ask your friends and relatives for referrals. You can contact the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the company is reliable and experienced enough to handle all types of locksmithing problems you have.

Of course, the best way to pick a good locksmith is to interview them first–find out how many years they have been in business, what kind of training they have, how many cars they have in their company’s fleet, and other details.

So before you hire a locksmith, think ahead and compare different companies to get the best possible deal for your money. Think ahead because if you don’t, this could cause more trouble than necessary!

Car Keys and remotes Blanks

 Blank Car Keys and remotes

You should expect that your Locksmith has ALL keys in the world. But it doesn’t work like that because locksmiths with the best possible prices will not have that much variety in your keys.

So you want to contact more than one Locksmith. That way, the chances of getting the best deal for all types of car keys and door remotes are higher than expected!

What’s the difference between an auto locksmith and a car locksmith?

The main difference is that locksmiths who provide their services to vehicles and homes are called car keys and home locksmiths. On the other hand, auto locksmiths focus on providing their services in cars and motorcycles.

lock problems

What kinds of lock problems do locksmiths fix in my area?

Locksmith technicians in your area can fix the following lock problems:

  • Lost car keys and door remotes
  • Damaged locks, deadbolts, doorknobs, and padlocks (due to wear)
  • Locked out of home or vehicle
  • Broken key stuck in the cylinder
  • High-security lock systems (for homes)
  • Safe opening (for homes and businesses)
  • Lock rekeying, including master keying for high-security applications (for homes and businesses).

locksmith technician

What kind of training do locksmith technicians need to have?

Locksmiths are required to go through extensive training in order to handle all kinds of possible lock problems. They must be knowledgeable enough to handle any locksmithing job.

What are the different kinds of locksmith jobs?

The main types of locksmithing jobs include automotive services, residential services, commercial services, and emergency lockout assistance. This means that no matter what type of property you have–be it your home or your car–you can always count on a locksmith to provide you with the services that you need!

$20 Locksmith service

$20 Locksmith services? The joke is on you.

Many of those clickbait ads with crazy cheap locksmith services are locksmith scammers. They will not send any of their locksmith technicians to work on your broken lock or other types of lock problems.

They just want to get your contact info and pass it out to an unknown locksmith company. That means that you will not be able to get any quality locksmith services, and they will keep your contact info for other purposes.

These scammers are not locksmiths. They are online marketing experts who seek to share their leads with 3rd party locksmiths in order to get a commission.

reliable locksmith

Why do I need a reliable locksmith?

You most definitely need a reliable locksmith if you have any lock problems in your home, car, or business property. That’s how they work:

  • They provide you with quality locksmith services 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • They provide you with any type of locksmithing service: lost car keys, broken key extraction, and high-security lock systems (for the home)
  • And they will help you find the best possible deal within your area for all possible types of locksmithing services.

What is the average starting salary for a locksmith?

The average starting salary for a locksmith is around $20,000 per year. But this number can go as high as $40,000 per year or more. This all depends on the company that you are working with and the kinds of services they provide to their customers.

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