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The Subaru Key Fob and Getting a Replacement

What is a keyless entry remote? It’s the device that allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle without using a key. These remotes typically work within a range of about 30 feet. However, if they’re having issues, your car may not respond at all. The good news is that there are several keyless entry remotes designed for your Subaru.

Replacing a worn-out or damaged remote entails inserting the new one into the car’s computer system, which then matches it with an electronic code. This is typically a 2-minute process, but if the car fails to program the remote, it may need to be taken to a mobile locksmith near you for assistance.

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The Subaru Key Fob Problems

Some of the most common problems associated with keyless entry remotes are:

  • One or more buttons may stop working.
  • The remote may have a dead battery.

Sometimes, the problem is simply that you’re too far from the car for it to recognize your remote. In this case, try cleaning up the car’s sensors.

If none of these steps work, there might be something wrong with the remote itself, or it may need to be reprogrammed by a mobile locksmith near you.

If that doesn’t work, you will need a new key fob for your car.


How Can I Make My Subaru Key Fob Last Longer?

The following tips can help prevent damage to the remotes:

  • Do not drop the remote.
  • Be careful when handling the key fob to keep from pressing any buttons unintentionally.
  • Do not expose the remote to extreme heat or cold.
  • Keep the keyless entry remote away from magnets, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets that might interfere with its sending system.


What is a Subaru Key Fob?

A Subaru key fob is a wireless remote that operates as a key for your car. It’s typically programmed to only work with your car, but sometimes it may work on other vehicles too. There are several Subaru keys, including those that open the doors and operate the engine from a distance.

The remotes allow drivers to lock or unlock their cars without using traditional keys. Some remotes may also be programmed to open the trunk or hood of the car remotely, allowing you to access items stored there without needing to go outside.

Subaru Keyless Entry Remote

What is a Subaru Keyless Entry Remote?

A keyless entry remote allows users to lock and unlock their cars without using keys. These remotes are typically programmed to work with a specific car model. Replacing or repairing a keyless entry remote typically requires reprogramming it to work with your car’s computer system. Keyless entry remotes are often paired with other security devices, such as anti-theft systems and alarms.

Reprogramming a remote may be done by taking it to your dealer or calling a car locksmith. Some remotes can be reprogrammed at home, however. For example, some Ford key fobs can be programmed using the device’s buttons and turning the ignition on-off several times within ten seconds.

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How Do Subaru Keyless Entry Remotes Work?

Keyless entry remotes operate via radio frequencies. These devices are typically paired with your car’s computer system through a 2-minute programming process that requires inserting the key into your car’s computer port. This programming process can be done by taking the remote to a locksmith or dealer or following instructions in the remote’s user manual.


Why do I Need a Replacement Subaru Key Fob?

Sometimes a Subaru key fob stops working and doesn’t allow you to access your car. Other times, the remote may be damaged or lose its battery power over time. Replacing a worn-out or broken key fob entails programming an electronic code into your car’s computer system, which pairs it with the new key. A dealer or locksmith can reprogram a remote for you in some cases. In other cases, you may have to replace the remote yourself by following specific instructions in its manual.


How much does a Subaru car key replacement cost?

The costs of keyless entry remotes vary, depending on the type of remote you need. Many locksmith companies offer deals on multiple remotes when bought together. The price of a Subaru car key replacement is between $180-$450 and mainly depends on the year and model of your Subaru. On average, you will spend around $250 for a remote.


How difficult is it to replace the remote on my Subaru?

Replacing or repairing a keyless entry remote will usually require reprogramming it to work with your car’s computer system. If the programming process was not done correctly, your vehicle might refuse to unlock when you press your remote’s button. In this case, you will need to take the problem to a professional car locksmith for assistance.


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